Tocca Stella SPF 30+ Sunscreen Wipes

It seems strange to be writing a blog post about sunscreen in October, but that is exactly when I need these on-the-go wipes - when least expected. There have been a couple of occasions when the weather has been just stunning and I was going to be in the sun longer than I intended. I love the Tocca sunscreen wipes because they are individually wrapped, so I can stick them in my purse or car and be ready to go at any time. My skin is so fair that I can't be in the sun unprotected. I hate wearing sunscreen so I only use it when required.

The Tocca Stella sunscreen wipes pack a lot of sunscreen! Enough to cover as much area as I need to or to share with my kids. It isn't too heavy or greasy and has a nice fragrance. I wish it was stronger in that fresh, Stella Blood Orange scent, but at least it doesn't smell like coconut or chemicals. SPF 30 is perfect for me. No worries in sun without overkill.


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