Thymes Ambersweet Orange

The Thymes Ambersweet Orange fragrance is very curious, because it isn't overly amber, sweet or orange. Infact, the ingredients listed don't even include amber, so I'm not sure what they are referring to with "Ambersweet" in the name. The description reads "Delicate orange blossom, creamy almond milk, Tonka bean and vanilla swirl gently in the zest of nutmeg, sandalwood and cardamom. "

Thymes Ambersweet Orange CandleOrange is always tricky because most people immediately assume juicy orange or zesty orange. Orange blossom, however, is very floral. What I like about this candle is that it isn't overly floral. The creaminess of the almond milk and and sweetness from the vanilla come through to soften and mellow the floral from the orange. The spices are so subtle but add a little character to the scent. Sandalwood adds a nice earthiness to the candle to ground it without getting to heavy.

The Thymes Ambersweet Orange fragrance is a very nice, summertime fragrance. Neutral and soft. The fragrance works well in a lotion for a lighthearted, natural scent and the bar soap would be perfect in guest bath or as a hostess gift.
Thymes Ambersweet Orange Bar Soap
I love the pattern on the glass and on the soap. It is a perfect compliment to the fragrance - natural, feminine and delicate. While this fragrance doesn't stand up and take center stage, it does create a beautiful backdrop.

Fragrance intensity 4/5. Burn quality 4/5