Nest Wasabi Pear Candle

Wasabi Pear by Nest Fragrances was another fragrance that I was a little scared to try. I was afraid the wasabi would too spicy for me. I was so pleasantly surprised when I tried it. It's lovely! We had been trying all the Fall fragrances by Nest such as Moroccan Amber, Wild Oats & Bourbon and Mahogany. While those fragrances are all perfect for fall, very comforting and cozy, I craved something lighter after all those heavy scents.

Wasabi Pear was my reprieve. It's such a fresh scent and actually perfect for fall. It reminds me a lot of Macintosh apple. A fruit that is slightly tart and not too sweet. The wasabi adds just enough kick to keep the pear from getting to be too much. The ozonic watery notes also help dilute the pear to make it more fresh and light. The result is a beautiful fragrances that adds beauty and comfort in an elegant way.