MOR Black Cherry Plum

MOR Black Cherry Plum CandleMost of the MOR fragrances are very clean, floral or fresh. Feminine and delicate. The Black Cherry Plum fragrance, however, really jumps out at me. It's distinct, bold and unwavering. I love the balance of tart red currant and musky blonde woods. My only confusion is the plum. The name includes plum and the fragrance description lists plum red currant. Do they mean plum and red currant? Or plum red currant berries, as in ripe or plump? I don't really smell plum. Perhaps it's in there but it such a subtle scent it gets lost by the pungent red currant. Nonetheless, I love it! The cherries play happily with the red currant for a fun and lively blend.

Red currant is always a winner. Just ask Votivo. Many a candle line have tried to duplicate their fragrance victory. MOR, however, is no copy-cat. I like that. This Black Currant Plum, while very red currant, is unique and distinguished. I like how they added the musky wood notes to ground the piquant currant notes. I can detect a little tangerine to add a touch of sweetness. The overall effect is a fun, vibrant, sweet fruity scent that is delicious and slightly curious.

This MOR candle burned beautifully and I'm always a sucker for sexy black wax. I like the way the vessel is translucent and the 24 karat gold logo adds a little bling.

Fragrance intensity 2.5/5 Burn quality 4/5