Honey, This Is One Sweet Fig

I’ll admit I was very hesitant to try the Nest Black Fig & Honey candle. Honey is not my thing and I had a bad experience once with a honey candle being so accurate it filled the store with bees. The cold scent throw comes across very strong as honey so I was curious to see how the scent would evolve when burning.

I was definitely pleasantly surprised. The honey fragrance was strong but not domineering. I’d still like more of the fig to come through, though. The fig that does come across is lovely. Not too fruity or too earthy and it blends effortlessly with the honey. Even though the honey is so sweet, I actually like the way the hint of vanilla softens it and warms the fragrance. The cognac brings everything together in the most elegant way and balances the sweetness. (I wouldn't mind more cognac too!) The fragrance is growing on me. Thumbs up for an intriguing blend.