Modern Alchemy Historical Collection

Alchemy was the medieval pursuit to transform un-precious metals into gold through a combination of magic and science. Utilizing the rarest of extracts, essences, and absolutes Modern Alchemy is able to create fragrances that conjure time and place, transforming environments from the mundane to the sublime.

According to Modern Alchemy, smell is often called the sense tied most closely to human memory, profoundly influencing people’s ability to recall past events and experiences. Each fragrance in the Historical Collection by Modern Alchemy will evoke the essence of a moment in time, places long past and events rooted in our collective history.

I love the vessel for the Modern Alchemy candles. Thick and colorful but muted. They remind me of a mysterious castle. Rich with dark wood and stone. Masculine and powerful. I love the glow of the container when burning. It's mesmerizing. When the candle is done they can easily be washed out with soap and water and reused as tealight or votive holder.

Modern Alchemy candles are made with a patented blend of high-grade European waxes including soy, maple and palm wax. Many of these waxes are used for luxury body creams and lotions. If you run your fingers along the top of the candle, it has a silky, smooth finish. You can immediately fell the difference in the wax when you run your finger along its milky surface. Moist but not greasy, it is virtually absorbed into the skin upon contact. This formula houses the delicately balanced essential oils without altering their fragile character. The wick used in all Modern Alchemy candles is hand-braided cotton and lead-free.


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