The Main Event Episode 76 Thymes Agave Nectar Collection

We absolutely adore the new Thymes Agave Nectar Collection! Refreshing agave nectar is blended with ruby red grapefruit, tangy guava and succulent lemon blossom. The result is the juiciest grapefruit citrus scent to uplift and delight you.

The candle is the most spot-on red grapefruit we offer. If you are looking for a pure grapefruit scent, not overly floral or sweet, this is it. The candle burns cleanly for 60 hours.

Grapefruit is such a light and rejuvenating scent, that you can layer it, starting with the bar soap, moisturizing with body lotion and then spritz with the Agave Nectar cologne. The body mist is so light you can refresh throughout the day. If you live in a hot climate, try storing your Thymes Agave Nectar Cologne in the fridge for an invigorating burst of fragrance. Studies show that women that smell like grapefruit are perceived as being five years younger by men, so indulge!

Grapefruit is a great scent for the kitchen, bathroom and office. The hand wash and lotion sit beautifully in the sink set for the kitchen. The room mist works well to freshen any bathroom. Burn the Thymes Agave Nectar candle in your office to keep you energized.

Well priced and beautifully packaged, the Thymes Agave Nectar products make great hostess gifts!