Linnea's Lights Ocean Candle

Linnea's Lights Ocean is the most fragrant ocean candle we've tried. The green florals and sea air come across the strongest. The citrus notes lighten the scent and the sea moss grounds it without making it heavy. The fragrance reminds me of Hawaii, where there is always a breeze off the water but it isn't overly salty. The air is dry, fresh and abundant with flowers. The earth is moist from the tropical rain bringing a coolness to the air.

Overall, this is a very fragrant, fresh, floral scent and would work well anytime you want to brighten the room. I love the 2 wicks! This candle liquefies quickly and burns cleanly and easily.

Stats: Burn 4.5/5. Fragrance strength 4/5. Wax: Soy. Wick: Cotton. Burn time: 60 hours. Wax Feel: Soft crayons. Wax amount: 9oz.

If I were to give this candle a....
  • Name: Lily
  • Month: June
  • Color: Pale Blue
  • Look: Lucy Liu
  • Smell: Fresh
  • Element: Water
Linnea's Lights candles are hand-poured with pure, all natural soy wax and fine fragrances. They use lead-free cotton wicks and come complete with a pack of matches. Linnea's Lights uses packaging made with recycled content and soy-based ink.