Le Cherche Midi 05 Candle

Tonight we're enjoying the Le Cherche Midi 05 candle.

"The Le Cherche Midi 05 candle invites you to an afternoon garden party where lovely dresses graze a fresh cut lawn, crisp white linens cover the tables, and the shade of a majestic pine cools the air."

Well said! The linen really comes through to create a soapy and fresh scent as it mixes gracefully with baby fresh grass. I love the pine accent to ground the scent. This is a delicate scent that would work well with company. Le Cherche Midi candles are the best indulgent luxury! If you've tried this fragrance, let us know what you think.

Stats: Burn 4/5. Fragrance 3.5/5. Wick: cotton. Wax Feel: paste glue. Wax: refined paraffin wax.
If I were to give this candle a...
Color: Green
Name: Grace
Month: June
Look: Grace Kelly
Smell: fresh
Age: 55 (for the elegant/refined scent - not for the age of the consumer that would enjoy it)