The Main Event Episode 65 Belle Fleur

Belle Fleur is the creation of a mother-daughter team out of New York City. The mother, Marilyn, started a flower business. When her daughter, Meredith, came on board, she brought with her an extensive background in fashion and design. Together the two launched Belle Fleur in 2006 to translate their passion for floral fragrances into the world of home fragrance. The combination of their expertly honed sense of scent with an aesthetic eye for detail and packaging has evolved into one of the finest candle lines on the market today.

Belle Fleur has four amazing fragrances in the Classic/Floral Collection: Mayan Tuberose (a classic floral), Orange Blossom Pomegranate (fresh and fruity), White Orchid Tea (a clean floral) and Jasmine Verbena (the Queen of floral fragrances). As fantastic as the floral collection is, what really impresses me about Belle Fleur is their ability to create stunning wood fragrances. The Exotic Wood Collection beautifully complement's Belle Fleur's Classic/Floral Collection. Neroli Pine is a huge with it's fresh winter wonderland scent. Kyara Clove encapsulates the scent of an old library filled with worn leather and aged wood with a subtle hint of clove to create the most intimate, smokey scent. Fig Noir blends both the scent of the fruit and the wood from the fig tree for the perfect fig fragrance. The wood collection also includes Cacao Tabaq and Bergamot Cedar which we should have in stock soon.

If you haven't experienced Belle Fleur candles yet, be sure to give them a try. All of the fragrances are fantastic and they burn beautifully. Exquisitely packaged complete with matches and a petite bow, they are ready for gift-giving as well.