Layering Fragrances with Red Flower Candles

We have a cabinet in our house that is stocked full with candles. Each night we pick a new fragrance to enjoy based on the weather and the level of energy in the house. Sometimes, if I'm really crazy about a scent (like Voluspa's Makassar Ebony & Peach) I'll place a few candles in the same scent around the room to surround myself in the fragrance. Today, I decided to mix things up a bit and layer fragrances.

One of my favorite candle lines for layering is Red Flower. The scents are true, simple and pure and work well together. Burning one Red Flower candle will give you the effect of lying in a field of that particular flower (like lavender). Burning a few different Red Flower candles at a time feels like you have a bouquet of flowers in the room, all the scents intermingling. It's very lovely.

You really can't go wrong when selecting scents for layering with Red Flower candles. I chose Italian Blood Orange for a fresh, clean scent in the kitchen. French Lavender for a relaxing scent in the family room. And Spanish Gardenia for a more formal fragrance in the front hallway. Like most houses, ours has an open floor plan, so the scents softly blend to each room and yet when walking through the house I can detect the specific scent in each room.

A really fun way to layer is by selecting the same fragrance by different candle lines. I love to pick all of the tree fragrance candles out of my cabinet and put a different one in each room the day we bring our Christmas Tree home for the holidays. It's the most fabulous winterland effect detecting all the different species of trees as you wander through the house.

Do you layer fragrances? If so, what are your favorite blends?