The Main Event Episode 54 Citronella

There are many options on how to keep the bugs away this summer. Here are a few to try:
Citronella tealights and votives are handy because they can be used in standard tealight and votive holders to spread the fragrance around the area for bug protection. Citronella pillars are a nice alternative to make summer candle displays functional as well.

Antica Farmacista has a new fragrance, Blades of Grass. While it does contain citronella oil, it seems it would be the least effective as a bug repellent.

Lampe Berger has a new fragrance, Summer Night. It is the same scent as Ocean Breeze (a fruity cocktail blended with the freshness of grapefruit, embellished by a warm and lingering trail of precious wood) but it also contains a bug repellent. According to the bottle, Summer Night will provide 100% elimination of bugs for an 8 hour period after 30 minutes of use. That's a strong statement. In all fairness, it would depend on where you use it - in a small room with no doors or windows open or outdoors on your patio. Even though the statement seem over ambitious, we do think this would be the most effective option for outside bug elimination.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite way to remove mosquitoes?