The Main Event Episode 44 Tocca Cleopatra Eau de Parfum

Tocca drew from their most popular candle scents and added fragrance notes to create perfumes that are beautiful, feminine and quintessentially Tocca. The first four perfumes for Tocca were inspired from their Cleopatra, Florence, Stella and Touch fragrances. While the perfumes are similar to the candle scent, they are not a perfect match since the fragrances have been adapted to make a well-balanced perfume fragrance.

Perfumes are made up of three notes. The top note is the initial fragrance you notice and the first to evaporate. Tocca Cleopatra Eau de Parfum has top notes of grapefruit and lush greens. The second note is the middle or heart note which is the core of the fragrance. The Cleopatra perfume has middle notes of white jasmine and tuberose. The bottom or base note is the longest lasting portion of the scent that grounds the overall fragrance. Tocca Cleopatra parfum has a base notes of warm patchouli, golden amber and rich vanilla musk. The overall effect of this Cleopatra perfum is stunning. It's feminine but well balanced and our most requested perfume.

Tocca later launched Brigitte and will soon launch Giulietta. We will grow our Tocca perfume selection based on request, so if you have a Tocca fragrance that you would love to see in stock, please let us know!

QOTD: What is your favorite Tocca perfume or Tocca product?