The Main Event Episode 40 Water & Ocean Candles

Since there are so many water and ocean scents to choose from we thought it would be fun to do a show comparing all the options. Some of the scents are more floral and some are more "salty". Some smell like tap water and others more like linen. Watch the video and see what you like! We didn't select any diffusers or Lampe Berger fragrance oils for this show that have an ocean scent but we do have a few in stock.

Here's what we took a look at:
Red Flower Ocean: red mangrove, bay lavender, beach morning glory and bay laurel leaf. This candle actually smells like Noxima. It comes across as more of a eucalyptus/spa-like scent than ocean. It's a beautiful and refreshing scent, but the least like the actual ocean. Vegetable wax. Large: 45-50 hours $34. Small: 15 hours $12.

Anthousa Okeanos: sea grass, cactus water, lime leaves, green clover blend and ozonic sea notes. The Anthousa Okeanos candle smells much more salty than the diffuser. It smells a lot like the ocean. Soft and delicate with a pale blue wax in a beautiful, seaglass-like, hand-cut tumbler. Vegetable wax. 40 hours $38

Voluspa Del Mar: crisp kelp and sweet ocean air. This candle smells a lot like the ocean and the reusable, apothecary jar is nice. This is a favorite ocean scent in the shop by most of our customers. Food & cosmetic grade paraffin wax. 40 hours $19

Archipelago Botanicals Pacifica: ylang-ylang, cedar and sea greens. This is a nice, soft ocean scent. Slightly floral. Soy wax. 60 hours $25

Paddywax Mediterranean Rosemary & Citrus: rosemary, grapefruit, amber. This is a very soft, summer-like scent. Not extremely ocean, but does smell like water and the beach. This is a great "background" scent - it will not overwhelm a room. Soy wax. 50 hours $17

Jonathan Adler Shelter Island Ocean: ocean notes of sea moss, sand grains, sage, fir balsam. This is one of the candles that smells the most like the ocean and it's one of our best-selling ocean scents. Fine grade paraffin wax. 50 hours $38

Votivo White Ocean Sands: This is a new fragrance for Votivo. It's a very ocean/beachy scent. Slightly subtle when cold but Votivo tends to be highly fragrant. Paraffin wax. 50 hours $25

Votivo Mountain Springwater: This is a water scent that leans towards linen and slightly floral. It's a fresh clean scent. Paraffin wax. 50 hours $25

Trapp Water: fresh aquatic notes. This candle smells like tap water. If you're looking for a pure, just water scent, this is it. Paraffin wax. 40 hours $17

Trapp Ocean Marine: oceanic, aquatic notes, cassis. This fragrance has a lot more character than the Trapp water scent, but it's not quite ocean. It's more floral and "perfumy" than salty or beachy. Paraffin wax. 40 hours $17

All prices as of April 2009 and subject to change.

What's your favorite lake or ocean-side spot?