The Main Event Episode 6 Mystery Box

In this episode we open a mystery box that contains a soy wax candle from Linnea's Lights. The packaging and candle quality are nice and the candle burns beautifully at the shop. We didn't even need to bring the candle home to test the fragrance in a regular space since we could smell it sufficiently at the shop.

Linnea's Lights offers 100% natural soy wax candles scented with fine fragrance oils. They have approximately 13 fragrances available and they sell for $28.

Have you ever tried a candle from Linnea's Lights? What is your favorite 100% soy wax candle? We want to hear from you! Please let us know what you like.


  1. LL are my very favorite candles.....the most obvious reason being the wonderful scents...but they also burn so well.....I love how they liquify and love that they are soy so they are damaging to the air my little ones breathe.
    i give the an "A!" love them!!! i also have had the opportunity to photograph these lovely gems and I get excited everytime a new fragrance is released!

  2. I think she meant to write " so they are (not) damaging to the air...".
    For clarification, you would have to burn more than 20 Tocca candles in the same room at the same time before there would be any toxic effects. You'd be knocked out of the room from the fragrance before they could harm you. Voluspa candles are made with food & cosmetic grade paraffin wax. Their wax is pure enough to consume in chocolates or ingest in lip gloss. Any good quality candle will burn cleanly if you trim the wick. There are many fine waxes to choose from, soy being one of them.

  3. I use Linneas Lights and I love them. I give them to all my friends for gifts and I only hear great things back from them. They burn nicely and they smell your home incredibly. My favorite scents are fir for winter, blue agave, pomegrante, sweetgrass, yuzu, amber, and enchanted. Once you try them, you will be hooked like I am!!!!!!!! VV

  4. Every time I have company over, they always comment on how wonderful the fragrence of my candles are. I wish they had the line in stores in my area so more people could enjoy the product. I love that the wax burns evenly and throughout the entire candle; you really get your money's worth. Also the fragrance lasts throughout the entire burn. Please bring the line down south!

  5. I have different types of Linneas candles and I love them all. They smell beautifully. The scents are soft and have a very pure and natural quality to them. They last a long time and burn very clean. The beautiful packaging makes a nice gift. I will definitely continue to buy these candles. I highly recommend them.

  6. I have been burning these candles for over four years. The quality of Linneas candles are excellent. The candle line has very unique scents and they burn clean all the way through.


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