Aura Candles - The Women Behind the Brand

We finally got to meet up with the great ladies, Jasmine Parks and Chelsea Wilson, from Aura Candles.  They are as effortless and natural as their setting on the southern California coastline.  The brand they created is a perfect representation of their personalities - chic yet approachable, fun loving and quirky.

They live a busy but balanced lives raising their children and building a business while their husbands golf and surf.  (Ok, that last part was a stretch. Chelsea's husband, Steve, is a golf pro.)

With names like Karma and Clairvoyant and colors ranging from blazing yellow to Mykonos blue, the line is bursting with energy and character.  Their fragrances are unique with unexpected notes like wild celery and cayenne.  Many of their descriptions read like a menu (Tahitian vanilla, pink grapefruit, agave nectar, cardamom and sea salt - yum!). The Aura candle, Radiant, is all the rage right now with grapefruit, goji berries and bergamot. My favorites are Luscious  when I crave something deep, Cosmic when I want something cozy and comforting, Clairvoyant when I need something clean and energizing and Obscure when I want something just totally off-the-wall different.

Aura offers a high quality candle at an affordable price.  Their creamy custom blended soy candles are generously scented with the essential and natural fragrance oils. Each creative blend is designed to burn slowly, cleanly and completely.

If you haven't tried their candles yet, be sure to do so!  You won't be disappointed.


  1. I'm so jealous that you got to hang with these fabulous gals! :) They have truly built an amazing business and their fragrances are phenomenal! Love them (Both the ladies & the candles!)!!!


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