The Voluspa L. Florem Collection

Here's what I love about Voluspa: they are continuously launching new COLLECTIONS (not just new fragrances), and each one is more stunning than the last.  Earlier this year Voluspa launched the new L. Florem Collection.  (L. Florem is a latin botanical term discovered in an antique botany journal.) The fragrances were inspired by classic flowers, groves and shrubs found in gardens around the world.

Over 20 oils were blended for each scent to to create a luxurious fragrance in their creamy all natural coconut wax. Voluspa's Creative Director and Co-Founder, Traci Arnsten, designed the custom beaded vase for the candles. Each piece of glass is carefully hand crafted, fire polished and finished with a shimmery iridescent coating. The vessels were designed to be re-used as an elegant flower vase or candy dish when the candle is complete.

The collection features 5 fragrances with 6 products available in each fragrance.

Voluspa Flora Di Mare 
Notes: ozonic air and sea, white blossoms of gardenia, freesia and tuberose, agave, beach salt and shaded tree moss.  
River meets the sea. The surrounding lush forest opens to a brilliant blue ocean and rolling hills of sand. White blooms absorb the winds of sea salt and woods and breathe back a heady concoction of sweet succulence.  
This is one of the best fragrances ever created by Voluspa.  If you like the clean, crisp, contemporary white florals that Voluspa does so well, be sure to try this fragrance. Flora Di Mare is along the lines of Tuberosa di Notte, Laguna and Mokara.  The neutral color works in any decor and is perfect for gift-giving. 

Voluspa J. P. B. (Japanese Plum Bloom) 
Notes:  Japanese plum blossoms, orchard leaves, nectar of plum fruit and crushed currants.  
Voluspa Japanese Plum Bloom offers ripening blossoms of plum and rich red fruits. Flower petals and nectar sweet extracts blend to create a rich, succulent floral melody. 
Japanese Plum Bloom was in the old Seasons Collection by Volupsa.  This fragrance isn't overly fruity or too sweet. 

Voluspa Taporo 
Notes: lime blossoms and leaf, green mandarin rind, cassis and white strawberry.  
Snapped branches of green mandarin mingled with honeyed lime blossom. Wild white strawberries add a tart succulence.  
This fragrance is a nice blend of fruits and florals.  This scent is not overwhelming.

Voluspa Temple Grove 
Notes: apricots, peach fruit and leaves, kumquat, grapefruit rind and citron blossoms.  
Grove peach, apricot and citrus trees are surrounded by ancient temple walls. Lovingly cultivated terracotta pots filled with kumquats accent the grounds. Sun shines onto the protected grove and gently warms the leaves and fruit evoking divine bliss
If you like Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach or Creme de Peche be sure to try this one!  It's a great blend of peach and apricot. 

Voluspa Tiares 
Notes: Tiares blooms (Tahitian gardenia), honeyed milk, coconut husk and fruit, freesia stalks and blooms.  
The gardenia of the Polynesian islands, Tiares captures the warmth and unadulterated beauty of the islands themselves. A creamy combination of crushed gardenia petals and freesia with a hint of tropical coconut. A lux tropical blend. 
This is the most bold floral in this collection.  It's strong with gardenia offering a robust floral.  You should give this a try if you like heavier florals or Voluspa Gardenia Colonia.

The candles are available in 3 sizes: Petite, Corta and Alta.   The petite size is great for hostess gifts at just $15 each.  Their dainty size would be lovely in a powder room.  If you're looking for the most fragrance, go for the Corta size.  The 2 wicks and larger width will allow more fragrance as this one creates the largest wax pool of all the sizes.  The Corta size will make a lovely candy dish or jewelry dish when the candle is done.  The Alta size is stunning and long lasting with 18 of coconut wax.  This size will make a stunning vase when the candle is done.

The Voluspa L. Florem hand cream is luxurious.  This nourishing formula is rich without being heavy or greasy.  I definitely recommend trying this hand cream!

Voluspa L. Florem roll-on perfume is tiny and perfect for gifts and to tuck in your purse for on the go fragrance.

While Voluspa made separate products for room and body (thank you!!), they still made their room spray with cosmetic grade ingredients, so should you want to use your room spray as a body spray, go for it.  This is a popular trend for Voluspa fans and so the tradition continues. All of the fragrances would make a fantastic body spray.

You can enjoy Voluspa products with peace of mind knowing they are made without parabens, sulfates or phthalates.  The body products are not tested on animals.  The candles are made with a coconut wax blend, 100% cotton wick and hand-made in the USA.  Go Voluspa!!


  1. Hi Susan,

    Erm... looks like some really nice scents, I particularly like Voluspa J. P. B. (Japanese Plum Bloom)

    You mentioned that it isn't overly fruity or too sweet, would you still think that it throws out a great strong scent though.

    Sarah Midland

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Yes, I definitely think the throw is strong enough. It's a lovely scent!


  2. It is very interesting to see such information about my favorite Voluspa L. Florem Collection. Lovely blog just love in it.


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