Thymes Wildwood Collection - Spring & Summer

Last year Thymes updated their Wildwood Collection with new fragrances, packaging and containers for a cohesive look to compliment the woodland inspired fragrances.  This spring, Thymes introduced three new fragrances for spring and summer.

Thymes Linden Blossom & Nectar opens with ravishing floral notes of honeyed linden flower to intoxicate the air. Lemon verbena shimmers, while damp soil and yellow violet lend an earthy sweetness. Juicy notes of lilac nectar and dewberry burst with ripening fruit to round out the fragrance.  If you like Thymes Blue Lotus or Voluspa Elysian Garden you might want to give this one a try.

Thymes Fiddlehead Fern & Crabapple brings airy, tender notes of crabapple blossom, meadow buttercup and delicate lily of the valley in a sweet breeze. Fiddlehead fern fronds, moist and verdant, unfurl to engender a cooling, dewy undernote.  It's not as mossy as it sounds or a delicate as described.  The Fiddlehead Fern & Crabapple candle has a pungent edge to it making its presence known.  This fragrance reminds me a lot of the Simpatico Fern hobnail candle by K. Hall. 

Thymes Woodland Violet & Mint brings subtle, velvety undertones of woodland violet, purple clover, fresh mint and wild geranium. Wood rosebud hovers gently, releasing a sweet, romantic top note.  This is a lovely, bright floral.  Rose and mint come across strong in the cold throw.  If you're looking for a  vibrant floral this would be a good one to try.
Have you tried the Woodland Collection by Thymes yet?  Do you prefer the spring/summer blends or the fall/winter blends?


  1. I'm going to give this Woodland scent and try. It looks amazing.

    The Thymes Linden Blossom & Nectar looks great as well. We test and use lot's of scented candles how much would 2 of each cost.

    Sarah Midland
    scented candles

    1. Hi Sarah,

      They are $32 each so two of each would be $192. Let me know what you think when you try them!


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