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Guest Post by Ryan Patrick Kelley
March 2012 Facebook Top Fan

Spring has sprung!  Well, almost.

The weather here in Ohio is so fickle that it normally means spring one day and winter the next!

I have to admit that Spring isn't my #1 favorite season. I am a fall-winter lover. They are more cozy to me for some reason. I am sure my feelings of adoration towards the colder months would end if some sort of apocalyptic disaster was to happen and humanity was left without the power to keep us comfortably warm...but, let's not go THERE.    Eeek!

But, spring has it's moments for me.

I love the colors that come to life as nature starts awakening from it's peaceful slumber. The tiny buds popping up on the trees around my home that will soon sprout into lush green vegetation. The splashes of yellows, red and purple in my yard from the wild flowers making their first appearance. It seems like they slowly make their way into the world and wash away all the grey and black that the snowy months leave behind.

The way it turns our dreary black and white world into a technicolor dream is enchanting. It's like Dorothy opening the door from her home and seeing the colorful world of Oz for the first time. It has that same sort of magical aura to it.

The best thing to come from spring would be the fabulous scents. Nature provides us with such an abundance of dreamy fragrances when the thaw takes place. To me, spring is a fabulous melding of sweet fruits and whimsical florals.

Nest Peony Blanche is the exemplary spring fragrance. I have yet to meet someone who has smelled this candle and disliked it. The beautiful florals are entirely fresh and feminine. There is nothing heavy or cloying about this blend. Peony Blanche will bring an incredible amount of vibrancy to any home. Nest deserves a medal for crafting such POTENT fragrances. The throw on every Nest scent is phenomenal. Out of this world potency! They can fill a room unlike no other! The light pink decor for the box is also enticing and spring-like. Nest is the BEST!!!

Another brilliant scent for spring would be Odin Owari. I can't get enough of this fresh, lively citrus based scent. Talk about a COMPLEX blend. Owari is composed of a plethora of rich accords. The best part of this candle is that despite a surplus of fragrant notes coming together they each have their own special moment during the burn-session. I love how zesty Owari is. The mandarin is the prominent fragrance note that everything else works around. The other accords weave in and out of the citrus and act playfully with it. I love this scent so much! The vessel is insanely beautiful. I love the glossy black glass and the heavy metal lid to keep dust out.

My third favorite spring scent is a newbie for me. I was recently gifted a Moso Bamboo by a wonderfully kind friend and have been burning it for the last two days and am absolutely obsessed with it. Voluspa always makes me happy. I liken this fragrance to Golden Cypress Sawara. It has the same type of feeling to it but it is softened and sweetened a little more by the addition of the green bamboo and the black musc. There is something very sugary about this scent as well which I adore. I am loving the freshness of this scent. The throw is fabulous as well.

I am welcoming Spring wholeheartedly this year. I hope everyone enjoys watching the world awaken and burst forth with color and life. 

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Wonderful blog, and I completely adore all three of these picks! I'm obsessed with Peony Blanche right now as well. I love how watery this blend is, it offers a completely different take on floral. It is a spring and summer must-have! Good job Ryan!

  2. Thanks Caitlin!! I appreciate that coming from you! :))


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