Belle Fleur Mayan Tuberose - The Bedroom Candle

Blissfully fragrant, the ancient Mayan culture held the tuberose sacred to their Goddess of Beauty and Love. Like the divine females in ancient mythology, this signature scent is the embodiment of strength and femininity. Her beauty is rapturous and will enslave you as she is impossible to resist. With an aura that is at once mysterious, alluring and complex, Mayan Tuberose is destined to be a timeless classic.

The two adjectives Belle Fleur uses on their website to describe Mayan Tuberose are seductive and carnal.  Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought this would be the perfect day to try this fragrance.

To hear Meredith, Belle Fleur Founder & Creator, describe this scent will make you want to bathe in it.  She calls it a "bedroom candle" as her customers swear but it's aphrodisiac qualities. 
This fragrance reminds me of Susan Sarandon in this photo*.  It's very mature and feminine.  It's also comfortable in its own skin and not trying to be anything else or more complicated than it is.  It's naturally bold and sexy.  It exudes confidence without effort.  

Tuberose is clearly the big player in this fragrance but it's nicely supported by a soft base of vanilla, white musk and sandalwood.  If you're looking to be surrounded in an intoxicating floral, this fragrance is for you.

Pair it with a nice bottle of wine and some chocolate dipped strawberries for a romantic evening with your Valentine.

Fragrance intensity 5/5.  Burn quality 4/5. 

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  1. I think you just persuaded me to burn tuberose blends this Valentine's evening. Intoxicating floral sounds divine!

  2. what a lovely way to compare a fragrance, and yes, I've seen this photo before and yes, she looks lovely as well (: i'm usually not into florals, but with a base of vanilla and sandalwood, it may just persuade me -- ty for posting!


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