What's in a Name - Aquiesse Alpine Meadow

This fragrance falls perfectly into my "What's in a Name?" category. Naming is everything. Nest Mahogany (RIP) is an example of a fragrance death by name. It was a great fragrance that smelled like caramel praline. Customers looking for a rich, woody (ie - Mahogany) scent were disappointed with it's gooey sweetness. Customers looking for rich caramel would never know to try it. Sadly, the fragrance wasn't able to make it into the hands of customers that would truly appreciate it and it's was "retired".

The Aquiesse Alpine Meadow candle is near the cliff but not quite ready to jump off. From the name and description, I was expecting a spring-like scent the smells of fresh cut grass, blue skies and wild flowers. Instead, I was transported to a ski lodge in the mountains. Out of the shower comes a freshly washed, very sexy man, still smelling of soap from the shower and newly applied cologne. It's a musky scent with lots of spicy pepper and fir notes from the deep woods.

Don't let the name fool you from trying it. This is a great fall/winter scent. If you are looking for a "boyfriend" candle (making your home smell like you have a boyfriend when you don't), this is your ticket.

Aquiesse uses lead-free, cotton-based wicks are used for optimal burn time and clean, even burn performance. The reusable, ultra-thick smoke-brown glass is stunning and looks beautiful in every home. Custom heat-resistant candle cover is designed to serve as a pedestal for the candle to rest on while burning, to extinguish candle, and also to keep the wax dust free when not in use. Packaged in a reusable keepsake box.

Fragrance intensity 3/5. Burn quality 5/5. Photo from skiinstructorblog.com.


  1. Yeah, this one reminds me of male deodorant! I get why you think it reminds you of a hunky-man! Hahaha! Love the picture. I pose like that every time I go skiing as well. I look HAWT!!!

  2. What a great photo! I'm glad you explained what the "Alpine Meadow" fragrance is like... My expectations would have definitely been different than what you've described. (Ryan--we need to see your ski pose, too!)

  3. Hahaha I LOVE this blog post! I think the word "meadow" is probably the misnomer here, because I agree with you Sue—I picture grass, blue skies, and wildflowers as well. Ryan, the man in the photograph, we shall refer to him as "Alpine Juanito," has got nuthin on your ski pose!

  4. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa! My ski pose is amazing! I will have to schedule a shoot soon so I can flaunt my new boots off. :)


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