Holiday… It Should Smell so Nice!

Guest Post by our October Facebook Fan, Caitlin Feener

As my mother always says —An ice cream sundae without nuts is like a day without sunshine. And the same goes for the holiday season and fragrance. Can you even imagine a Thanksgiving without the warm notes of pumpkin and the smell of leaves circling in the crisp, autumn wind? Could you spend the Christmas season without the elegance of pine drifting through the house and the ashy warmth of the fireplace? I’m not even sure that New Year’s Eve could properly exist without the wet winter air and champagne (or sparkling cider) bubbles tickling at your nose. I’d rather spend my days in the pitch-black dark eating ice cream sundaes without any nuts, thank you very much.

The holidays truly are defined by fragrance. When you sit back and recall spending Christmas with your family as a child, you might distinctly remember the sweet tobacco wafting from your grandfather’s pipe, or those delicious cookies that your mom always baked. These are the unique scents of our lives—the comforts all around us that can instantly transform us into a special place in time.

Here are some wonderful notes found in some of my favorite holiday candles that are simply perfect for this time of year. Whether they remind you of scents from the past or become a brand new staple in your holiday décor, these fragrances will take your holiday season to a whole new level of comfort.

Sweet and gourmand, pumpkin is a palette pleaser for many months out of the year. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice lattes, even pumpkin hummus is found in on many tables during the fall and winter seasons. If you truly want to maximize the pumpkin experience, then I highly suggest making NEST Pumpkin Chai a part of your holiday routine. This candle takes pumpkin to a sweet and sophisticated level that, in my humble opinion, cannot be matched by any other pumpkin fragrance on the market. If you want the dreamy smell of a warm, gooey, spicy pumpkin delicacy permanently baking in the oven, then don’t wait any longer—the solution is here, and it’s NEST. You won’t even believe how quickly this candle can fill a space with its irresistible delight, within minutes of lighting. This candle encompasses all that is autumn. As a matter of fact, I have trouble even recalling those long-lost PPCTs (Pre-Pumpkin Chai Thanksgivings).

This warm note completes practically everything nostalgic, from sugar cookies to vintage tobacco. I adore vanilla because it can completely transform something plain and simple into something comforting—vanilla is the hug within every candle. Don’t like to bake? Great news—you don’t have to! Let the warm sweet scent of these candles fill the air for the complete gourmand experience. If you are looking for the warm-baked cookie ambiance, then Voluspa Macaron is for you. This candle could warm up a home in Antarctica. Just like the French delicacies for which it is named, Macaron is sweet, colorful, and comforting. If Buddy the Elf were real, I know he would give Macaron two thumbs up.

Another take on vanilla that I enjoy during the holiday seasons is Karma by Aura. This blend of vanilla with sophisticated spices such as cardamom, cayenne, and sea salt is as comforting as a glass of classic eggnog, but sassy enough to resemble an eggnog martini with extra spice.

And finally, to top off the gourmand vanilla blends, NEST Tahiti Vanille is as pure as they come. With subtle hints of white chocolate, caramel, and rum, Tahiti Vanille is decadent and can be burned alone, or layered with just about any other blend. It’s very hard to find a candle that plays so well with others—Tahiti Vanille is the secret ingredient to your holiday candle cocktail.

Of course, the beautiful scent of a fresh Christmas tree in your living room is certainly pleasant. However, not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a real tree in their home, nor do you have to. Tree-inspired fragrances both complement and/or replace the essence of pine, fir, eucalyptus, and more. My personal favorite is NEST Holiday. This gem combines pine and eucalyptus with a twist of citrus and cinnamon. In other words, it is the mack-daddy of all holiday candles. If I were to bottle up Christmas and put it in a beautiful red and gold package, it would smell exactly like NEST Holiday. It’s truly perfect, and I highly recommend it for anyone and everyone during the holidays.

Another fun take on pine is the Icy Blue Pine candle by Votivo. This candle is cool and fresh, a gorgeous accent piece for a cold rainy or snowy day. To be honest, Icy Blue Pine is one of the most unique takes on a tree inspired blend I’ve come across. It’s a pure white snowflake on the tip of a pine tree—almost haunting in a good way.

Berries and Champagne
You don’t have to consume alcohol in order to appreciate the beauty of a champagne or wine blend. When the holidays are coming to a close, drive off that post-holiday depression with an uplifting celebratory candle. One of my new favorite blends to hit the market is Bubbly by Aura. Reminiscent of a tall sparkling glass of elegant European ice wine, Bubbly is both a crowd-pleaser and perfect for a quiet night in. I love the grape essence in this candle–it’s really hard to find a blend that replicates the sophistication and layers of a glass of wine, and Bubbly pretty much nails it.

I also adore the Celebration candle by Belle Fleur. This blend is a bit more dry and spicy, with a gorgeous ginger edge. Light these candles, get intoxicated by the scent, and dance around your house barefoot—I promise I won’t tell anyone.

Another fantastic new berry-inspired blend is Winter Cranberry by Votivo. A different take on the holiday blend, cranberry and raspberry blends fantastically with vanilla and tree notes. This candle was very surprising to me—if you aren’t a huge fan of the traditional pine holiday candles, try Winter Cranberry and see if its more your style.

I implore you to try one of these blends and maximize your holiday season. Just like the pumpkin seeds roasting in the oven and the peppermint mocha constantly in my hand, my holidays just wouldn’t be the same without these gorgeous candles. It’s never too late to start making those comforting holiday memories and traditions.

Please, share some of your favorite holiday candles in the comments section down below! Or if you have tried any of these candles, what are your thoughts?


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  1. Caitlin, this was FANTASTIC!!! I loved every second of it!!! I am so incredibly impressed with your writing skills. You seriously need to blog regularly. I think companies should pay you to sample and review their products. You would be phenomenal at it!! LOVED IT!!

    I laughed out loud at the Buddy The Elf reference! :)))

  2. PPS..

    My favorite Holiday blends are Nest Holiday by Nest, Votivo's Icy Blue Pine and Votivo's Winter Cranberry. I actually really adore the whole Votivo collection for Holiday fragrances which is funny since I am not a huge fan of Votivo's everyday line. I think they are at their best with Holiday blends. But, Nest Holiday is just sheer perfection. It truly hits the mark on Holiday magic. Love it.

  3. Caitlin I've read this like 4 times already! I love the visuals! Chelsea and I have an idea we'd like to talk with you about...I will contact you soon! xo

  4. Jazzy, I'm all ears. You know you can contact me any time ;-)

  5. I loved reading your blog post, Caitlin. You definitely have a way with words, girl! I ordered Aura Karma and LOVED it! I also ordered a couple of others you mentioned--Nest Tahiti Vanille and Nest Holiday. I haven't burned Holiday yet... I'm trying to wait until after Thanksgiving. It smells wonderful. I adore Tahiti Vanille! Thanks, again, for your recommendations!

  6. Wonderfully written blog, Caitlin! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. :)
    I, too, am a huge fan of Nest Holiday and Macaron, and I'm plotting my Black Friday sale order with CoM as we speak! Icy Blue Pine, Bubbly, and Tahiti Vanille are all in my shopping cart. Can't wait!
    Thanks again for the fantastic blog.


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