Votivo Rush of Rose & Morning Violet

Earlier this year Votivo launched two new fragrances: Rush of Rose and Morning Violet. Both fragrances are fun and very feminine. While they each have a strong focus on a single note, they each use other fragrances to help them achieve their mission.

Rush of Rose is an explosion of fresh, green Damascus rose buds, surrounded by light, watery notes and soft woods.

Rush of Rose is a perfect name for this fragrance. It is exactly that. Like your face being jammed into a bouquet of roses. The brilliance of this fragrance is that Votivo used ozone and aldehydes to keep the fragrances light and fresh. Many rose fragrances can get powdery and smell like Grandma's bathroom. Not what most people are looking for. This rose is full-on rose without being old.
  • Top notes: Water greens, light ozone, clean aldehydes
  • Middle notes: Moroccan rose, damask rose, may rose
  • Base notes: sweet floral musk, soft woods

Morning Violet is a refreshing breath of life concocted of sweet pears, Parma violets and guaiacum wood.

Violet fragrances can get very heavy and sweet. Votivo mixed Parma and Victoria violet with greens and fresh pear to lighten it up and make it a little juicier while still staying true to the violet fragrance.
  • Top notes: leafy greens, fresh pear
  • Middle notes: Parma violet, Victoria violet, powdered Iris
  • Base notes: amber, musk, guaiacwood
Votivo candles last approximately 50 hours and are made with a soy wax blend and cotton wick.


  1. You sent me a tiny size Rush of Rose candle, and I usually don't like rose scents, but I was quite taken with the freshness of the scent. It's a very pure rose scent, perfect for someone like me who loves the scent of real flowers but not necessarily floral perfume notes.

    I MUST try Morning Violet! They got me with "powdered iris" and "guaiacwood". I also love the idea of pear in it as well. I will give it a go next time I order from you! Thanks for the reviews. :)

  2. These are both fantastic fragrances! Rush of Rose is probably the purest rose fragrance I've ever smelled. It is NOT powdery—that is so important to me when it comes to rose blends! It truly extracts the essence of the flower. Morning Violet is just as pure and fresh. Both of these floral fragrances are lively and elegant.


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