Because Life Doesn't Always Smell Like Roses

Ahhh.... waking up in the morning. The sun is rising. The air is fresh. Birds are chirping. If only every day was like that. Today is gray and dreary. Outside it's as if someone pushed the mute button. There are no birds or sunlight in sight. The air, unfortunately, is also not fresh.

Have you ever had a morning where you walk into your family room or kitchen, and instead of smelling pleasant or neutral it smells like last night's dinner or worse? Welcome to my day. Today it smells like rotting trash. Like someone cleaned out the worst from the fridge yesterday and didn't bring the bag outside. Blick.

Normally, with cooking odors, I try to be proactive. If I know it's going to be bad (like with bacon or fish), I'll light a Clean Air candle while we're cooking to absorb the odors without interfering fragrance. When we're cleaning up I'll light my Lampe Berger lamp to obliterate the rest of the cooking odors. Done deal.

Today, though, I know if I remove the source (the rotting bag) I'll be in good shape. There is, however, a trail of stench that remains. My first attack is with my handy Voluspa room spray. I always have a bottle in the bathroom and by the kitchen trash bag. I like to spray the trash can before I put a fresh bag in. It makes throwing out the trash a fresh, pleasant experience. I always have Golden Cypress Sawara for this task. I love clean, mountain air. Since I'm eager for spring and more citrusy scents, I think it's time to switch to the Voluspa Arcadia room spray. That bright lemony scent would be a welcome addition right about now. Both fragrances layer nicely with candles.

My candle of choice when I need something bright and alive is Aura Clairvoyant. It provides a simple, fresh, citrus scent. Direct and to the point, it's exactly what I need when I need to wake up stale or stinky air. It's also useful on mornings when I'm groggy and my eyes just don't open up as much as I need. Clairvoyant is a burst of unconvoluted citrus without being too grapefruit or too lemon or too orange. It's the perfect blend of fresh.

I also recently brought home the Votivo Sumatra Lemongrass candle. When we first opened our shop one of the original founders for Votivo stopped by to visit. He spoke passionately about how much he loves Sumatra Lemongrass from the Votivo French Collection. He smokes at home and loves how this fragrances makes his home smell fresh. Even given his compelling story, I never tried it. A customer of ours had trouble with hers (see blog post on tunneling) so I brought it home to see if I could fix it. I ended up falling in love with the fragrance. Fresh and bright. It layers perfectly with Aura Clairvoyant.

Now my stinky kitchen is stellar! If only the weather could turn around as easily.