Aura Luscious Candle - It's Auralicious

Luscious: highly pleasing in taste or smell. A warm and exotic blend of tangerine, vanilla, sandalwood, musk and amber.

I am completely addicted to the Aura Luscious candle. I can't be without it and I even take it with me when I travel. It's such a grounding scent for me. I know I can count on this scent to help settle my nerves. It untangles my muscles until I'm a puddle on the couch.

I love sandalwood/vanilla blends. Aquiesse Sandalwood Vanille is comforting like being wrapped in a thick, warm blanket. It soothes me. Tocca Colette is a very sensual sandalwood/vanilla fragrance for a romantic evening. Aura Luscious, though, is the most bold sandalwood/vanilla blend. Aura Luscious grabs me like a big bear hug and let's me know everything is ok.

Here's what customers:

"Luscious is literally an addictive blend. The sandalwood, amber and tangerine elements come through like the perfect marriage. They are so relaxing and beautiful." - D. Roberto-Kelley

"Luscious is one of my favorite Aura fragrances. It's a sexy, sophisticated scent that's warm and spicy." - D. DeMarco

"Luscious has such a sweet & sexy depth." - R. Kelley

"To me Luscious is my consistent go to candle." - W. Wiltsey

One of the things I like about all Aura scented soy wax candles is that they burn so well - cleanly and easily. I trim the wick before I relight (as I do with all my candles) and that's it. I never have to fuss, worry or mettle with them to keep them burning cleanly. They also burn evenly and completely with no wax residue on the glass. With a burn time of 70 hours and ultra hip/chic packaging, what more could you ask for?


  1. Ahhh candles....haha i unfortunatly live on a farm that as of yet does not have electricity (long story), so what do we get for christmas, birthdaysand every other holiday...candles. i think i smelled about every, scent, shape, size and type of the things out there, these do sound like devine candles though

    a good candle can change the whole mood of the house... and there is nothing so relaxing as hot shower by candlelight at the end of a hard day!!

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