Ana Candles

Over 15 years ago, Frank Weeden was driving down the New Jersey Turnpike thinking of a gift for his girlfriend. That is when he devised the idea for Ana Candles - the original striped taper candle. That was over 15 yeas ago. Since then they've graced the O List and many exquisite homes across the country.

Ana Design started on the first level of Frank's historic factory building in the old Trenton Window Washing Factory where the business still resides. Each year Ana Candles creates new color combinations to keep things fresh and current.

Look for Ana Candles in the set backdrop for a scene in Janet Evanovich's "One for the Money" movie starting Katherine Heigl. Evanovich is a Trenton native who's novels about private detective Stephanie Plum all take Place in Trenton, NJ.

Ana Candles can be found in art museum shops, resorts and specialty boutiques nationwide.