Votivo Champaca Candle

Trudging through the rugged Himalayans on 15th day of the dark fortnight, the journeyman pauses to gaze at the black sky. The inspiring aroma of rare sandalwood inextricably interwoven with the scent of the delicate champaca petals soothes his weary soul as the whispering smoke of the nearby village ascends into the heavens.

Champaca is a fragrance that is spun so many different ways in home fragrance that it can be tough to identify. Tocca takes a tropical twist with champaca flowers in their Bali candle and tries to create an image of swaying palm trees and sandy beaches. Voluspa Champaca Bloom & Fern is a heady floral coming across mostly as gardenia. The fragrance of the Votivo Champaca candle seems, to me, to be them most true representation of the champaca flower.

The cold throw on this candle comes across very much like the Nag Champa by K. Hall. Very natural, grungy and earthy. I feared of being swallowed up in an gritty, spicy blend. A few hours after burning, however, I realized that wasn't the case at all. I was surrounded by an exotic, soft floral fragrance that is almost elegant. While the spicy aspect remained, the scent was very warm and rich.

There's a sweetness in the fragrance as well. If I stand very close to it, there's an almost caramelized brown sugar scent. It reminds me of toasted marshmallows by a campfire. The sweetness is lost in the room, but the smokiness from the fire remains.

Votivo Champaca is a very soothing, curious scent. While the Votivo Gingersnap candle we tried the other night was very jeans and t-shirt, Votivo Champaca is very hippie chic. Alternative, edgy, unique and happy.


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