The Main Event Episode 83 Thymes Bath & Body

Thymes has many bath & body collections that feature one fragrance. In each collection, they tailor the packaging and products to the fragrance. For example, Kimono Rose and Moonflower have rollerball perfumes to attract a younger audience while the Goldleaf perfume is in a feminine, traditional perfume bottle. The soap for Eucalyptus is glycerin and translucent for the shower while the soap for Kimono Rose and Goldleaf are packaged as a 2-bar gift box in a more dainty size for a powder room.

Thymes Goldleaf Perfume
TheThymes Goldleaf Collection is designed for a more mature audience with an old-fashionedfloral fragrance. Goldleaf has been in the Thymes offering for several decades. It has a loyal fan base and the packaging is lovely. The perfume bottle for Goldleaf is very feminine and the 2-bar soap set makes a perfect hostess gift.

Kimono Rose was created to attract a younger generation of floral fans. It's a flirty and fun floral and the rollerball perfume is great for young girls just getting into perfume or anyone that is looking for a playful scent. While light-hearted, Kimono Rose is highly fragrant in all products including the candle and body creme. I love how the packaging resembles origami.

Thymes Moonflower Rollerball PerfumeMoonflower is a charismatic amber fragrance with cinnamon, clove and sugared quince, myrtle leaves, rich mahogany, dark amber and smooth cognac. This is a great soothing and sensual fragrance. I love how the rollerball perfume and body lotion have a little bit of glitter. Nothing like a little shimmer and a sexy scent to make for a fun night.

Ambersweet Orange is a great gift-giving scent with it's nondescript, natural and light (and yet highly fragrant) scent. The bar soap and the candle have a beautiful pattern that are a perfect compliment to the fragrance - delicate and natural.

Thymes Eucalyptus Bar Soap
Eucalyptus is a highly requested fragrance by both men and women. Eucalyptus is tough to master, though, with most blends coming across too medicinal. Thymes Eucalyptus, however, is a beautiful blend accentuating the fresh eucalyptus without altering it. The bar soap is glycerin and translucent and perfect for the shower. The body lotion is emollient and vibrant.

The Thymes Naia Collection is a refreshing watery blend that works well as both a home fragrance and bath & body scent. Everything about this collection is simple, basic and pure - just like the look of the bar soap.
Thymes Agave Nectar Candle

The newest bath & body collection by Thymes is Agave Nectar. This is my absolute favorite Thymes bath & body fragrance across all product lines. The candle is fresh and clean for the kitchen. The room spray works well in your
vacuum for an instant room revitalizer while cleaning (thanks for the suggestion from our Facebook fan, Annie). I used the cologne frequently in the summer to feel bright and vibrant in the stifling summer heat. The Agave Nectar body lotion is moisturizing without being greasy or heavy and saved my arms from drying out over the summer. The bar soap is long lasting and wakes me up in the morning. I have the hand wash and lotion at my kitchen sink and love the fresh scent while I wash and it keeps my hands moisturized.

Thymes has found a way to master what very few fragrances companies manage to do - excel in both bath and body as well as home fragrance. Every fragrance and product is carefully crafted and pleases in both scent as well as performance.