Thymes Moonflower

The Moonflower candle by Thymes is a very comforting, soothing scent. It's a blend of cinnamon, clove and sugared quince with fresh myrtle leaves, rich mahogany, dark amber and smooth cognac. The amber and sugared quince come across the strongest, while the spices offer a soft background. Quince is typically very tart and piquant, as in Seda Japanese Quince and Voluspa White Currant Quince. The sugared quince in the Thymes Moonflower candle is definitely more sugar than quince though, for me, adding a sweetness fragrance. The amber calming and youthful. Also adding to the sweetness is the mahogany. It reminds me more of the sweet Nest Mahogany candle than a true woody scent. The overall effect is a very sensual fragrance that can be appreciated as a home fragrance as well as a personal fragrance.

I love the how the lotion and rollerball perfume have a hint of glitter to add shimmer. A fun surprise to a casual fragrance. Nothing like a little glimmer and sexy scent to make for an entertaining evening. This fragrance works well on a cool, rainy night to warm your soul. It's also perfect for fall or anytime you are looking for a cozy atmosphere or a romantic evening. Enjoy!
Fragrance intensity: 4/5. Burn quality: 4/5.