Thymes Kimono Rose

"A sheer, sensuous floral heightened with effervescent clementine and voluptuous cassis on a creamy bed of satiny rose, peony and jasmine petals finished with a kiss of vanilla. Thymes Kimono Rose is a modern reflection of who you are, and who you want to be…all wrapped up in one truly lovely fragrance."

Thymes Kimono Rose CandleI really enjoy the Thymes Kimono Rose fragrance. I don't tend to like florals, but this one is fun and flirty. I like the blend of fruit and floral sweetened with a hint of vanilla. The rose blends nicely with peony and the jasmine accents the two well. It's a good balance between the fruit and the floral - neither dominate but rather play nicely together.

Thymes Kimono Rose Rollerball Perfume
The Thymes Kimono Rollerball Perfume is a lot of fun. My little daughter loves it and it smells amazing on her. A perfect, youthful fragrance for her or any woman that wants something uplifting.

Thymes Kimono Rose Body CremeThymes Kimono Rose body creme is wonderful. Very emollient without being greasy. I love the Kimono Rose soap set - 2 adorable round soaps in a box that is ready for gift-giving. Thymes has a way with packaging!

Don't get me wrong, as flirty and playful as the scent is, the fragrance is strong. You will definitely smell the lotion, perfume and candle. Thymes Kimono Rose Bar Soap Gift Set Candle fragrance intensity 4/5. Burn quality 4/5.

Enjoy Thymes Kimono Rose anytime you need to smile!