Sail Away with the Votivo Teak Candle

Votivo describes their Teak candle as "An aromatic blend of coarsely chopped dried herbs and forest floor earthen moss blended with an intoxicating masculine scent of moist skin fresh from the shower. Teak is a wood inspired fragrance designed to fill a room with exotic taste and lingering flavors of opportunities gone by and sensual dreams to come."

This fragrance reminds me of the inside a luxurious sailboat filled with rich teakwood. It's refined and yet so relaxing and comfortable. The boat is anchored in a safe harbour surrounded by lush, moss covered woods. The air is rich and healthy from the pure, untouched, surrounding. I open the bathroom door and steam from a recent show envelopes me. I am overcome with the smell of a man with dewy clean skin and freshly applied cologne. It doesn't get better than that.