Rigaud Jardin d'Orient Candle

It's funny that such an elegant candle line, like Rigaud, actually has very dirty, gritty, earthy fragrances. The Rigaud Jardin d'Orient candle is a prime example.

"Like a window opened onto imaginary oriental gardens, I bring the light and fragrances of magical, scented nature. Woodsy base notes, the subtleness of patchouli, disconcerting and penetrating harmony of honey and musk. Magic is my territory."

Rigaud Jardin d'Orient
Jardin d'Orient comes across as an almost equal blend of musk, honey, deep woods and patchouli, with patchouli being the softest of the four. The overall effect is a very dusty, musty fragrance. The honey sweetens and softens the scent. It also works well to tie all the fragrances together harmoniously. I picture the inside of an ancient English stone castle rich with ornate wood on the inside. This candle would be perfect if you life in a high-rise in the city and you crave the scent of the earth or a fragrance to break the stale, sterile environment of a clean slate condo.

If I were to give this candle a...
  • Month: April, when the ground is thawing and oozing its earthy aroma
  • Celebrity: Joaquin Phoenix as he is now in real life. Ruff/gruff looking.
  • Color: deep, dark brown like mud or espresso
  • Element (fire, water, air, earth, metal): Earth
  • Sex: Male
  • Wax feel: silk
  • Fragrance age: 56 (Not the age of the consumer. If the fragrance had an age.)
We tried hard to come up with a name. An English, male, older and refined name but not staunch. Couldn't come up with anything perfect. Maybe Everett or Quentin??

The color of the wax is a stunning, deep burgundy and the candle burns beautifully and re-solidifies just as gorgeous as it is when first revealed.

Fragrance intensity 4/5. Burn quality: 5/5.


  1. I love your description of Riguad's Jardin d'Orient. I think Quentin is a good fit, and by your description, Joaquin is the perfect celebrity as well.
    Your English teachers would be proud of you both!


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