Rigaud Bois Precieux Candle

"Warm, welcoming, I take you serenely o a world buzzing with images. Memories of Asia, wooden houses in the heart of the ancient city, hot, spinning spices. My unique woody harmony of patchouli and teak brings a refined exotic touch to your home."

The first thing I'm struck with in the cold scent of the Rigaud Bois Precieux candle is teak. It reminds me of the Votivo Teak candle that I love so much. While Votivo Teak brought me down into the hull of a luxurious sail boat with a sexy man, the Rigaud Bois Precieux candle is more exotic than that. The rich spices and patchouli bring images of ornate, dark wood. Very detailed and highly complex. When burning, the spices swell and infuse the room. The wood and earthy patchouli keep everything grounded and natural.

Rigaud candles burn beautifully and easily, liquefying quickly across the top. They leave very little residue on the glass and when the wax re-solidifies it looks as pretty as it does when first opened. We've never seen any other candle burn quite like it. If you can afford the indulgence, be sure to give Rigaud candles a try. They are pricey but incredibly impressive.

Fragrance intensity: 4/5 Burn quality: 5/5