A Cabin in the Woods - Rigaud Cuir de Kyara

This week we're celebrating all the fall fragrances by Rigaud, starting with Cuir de Kyara. At first it reminds me of Belle Fleur Kyara Clove as they both use agarwood and cloves for a smokey, cozy fragrance. The similarity quickly ends there. The Belle Fleur Kyara Clove candle leans towards a more polished fragrance bringing in exotic wood notes and vintage leather. It brings me to an over-sized, worn leather chair inside an elegant study surrounded by rich wood paneling and shelves brimming with books.

Surprizingly, the Rigaud Cuir de Kyara fragrance takes a far more down and "dirty" approach. It's an intensely smoky fragrance. It brings me to a rustic cabin in the woods. Dawn is breaking and everything is completely still and quiet. Burning embers have been simmering in the fire throughout the night creating a very smokey, ashy scent in the air. The exposed beams, rafters and worn floors infuse the air with the aroma of raw, aged wood. I fix a warm drink spiced with cloves and the heat warms me inside. I stand by the fireplace and listen to it's rustling noise as the ashes continue to burn and settle. I remember the roaring fire from the night before and many other times before that. I am filled with memories of laughter and shared stories. The cabin floors are worn from generations of enjoyment. A floor board creaks. Someone is awake. The day begins and more memories are formed in the rustic cabin in the woods.

Burn quality 5/5. Fragrance intensity 3/5.