MOR Belladonna Candle

MOR Belladona Candle
We're enjoying the MOR Cosmetics Belladona candle this evening. It is a blend of white narcissus, moroccan rose, pink tulips, meyer lemon and French cassis grounded with sandalwood, vanilla and musk. The cold scent comes across as a buttery floral - similar to Voluspa's Fleurs de Fete but not as powdery. When it's burning, the sandalwood, vanilla and musk dominate to create the most relaxing and romantic fragrance. It reminds me of the type of day where you want to stay in your pajamas all day and have pancakes for dinner. Just wish the floral and citrus notes didn't get so lost in translation. Love the way the creamy white glass glows while burning. Very elegant!

If you've ever tried the MOR Belladonna candle, please let us know what you think!