K. Hall Shore-Line Candle

It's Night 2 of our Aquiesse Shoreline vs. K. Hall Shore-Line candle Scent-Off. While they both smell very similar cold, Aquiesse Shoreline goes more salty and floral when burning while the K. Hall Shore-Line candle is more reminiscent of cologne. I put the diffuser in one of our bedrooms and when I walked in the other day, I thought that Dave had just been in the room (even though he doesn’t wear that type of men’s cologne - it smelled like a man had just been in there.) The candle is the same way. It actually takes the same type of direction as the Le Cherche Midi 01 candle that is described as an ocean scent but really smells like cologne. The K. Hall Shore-Line description reads "This tranquil fragrance has soothing watery, spa-like notes with a very clean and fresh finish. Shore-Line is sure to delight and freshen your home." Well said and very accurate (in a cologne-fragrance kind of way).

The K. Hall Shore-Line candle is not as fragrant as the Aquiesse Shoreline. I’d give this one a 3 on a scale of 0 to 5. K. Hall candles burn beautifully and easily. The 100% vegetable wax Shore-Line candle last 60 hours and has an all cotton wick. The Shore-Line diffuser lasts approximately 6 months. Diffuser refill oil and replacement reeds are available for all K. Hall diffuser fragrances. We love K. Hall and their all-natural, no-fuss approach to everything they do.

While Shore-Line doesn’t smell like the ocean to us, we recommend this candle and diffuser if you are looking for a more complex scent that works well year-round.