Archipelago Botanicals Stem Candle

Archipelago Botanicals launched their Private Reserve Collection earlier this year. Set in dark black glass with blax wax, the collection is both bold and stylish. Archipelago Botanical's perfumers were asked to create a scent based on a simple name: Stem, Grass, Lust, Zest and Leather.

Tonight we are trying the Archipelago Botanicals #112, Stem candle. My first impression: POW! I was immediately blasted with the fresh scent of rosehips. Typically I don't like floral scents, especially sweet, cloying rose fragrances. This candle however, is intoxicating. It grabbed me and pulled me in within minutes of lighting. I'm sensitive to scent (believe it or not!), so I usually gag on overly fragrant candles, but this one is different. Instead of being overwhelmed, I'm addicted. The scent is sweet, but more in a juicy way. It reminds me of biting into soft bubble gum that explodes with sour juice inside. The juiciness offsets the sweetness of the gum and the result is luscious! The rosehips intermingle gracefully with the freesia and I feel like a kid again. Youthful, fresh and lively. The oakmoss and musk soften and ground the scent but are barely noticeable. The overall effect is definitely a strong rosehip, juicy sweet delight.

The candle burns beautiful with a tight, steady flame - no flickering or smoke. It also burns level, liquefying to the sides in 1-2 hours. I'm a sucker for black wax. It doesn't get sexier than that. Well done Archipelago! I'm wowed.

Stats: Burn quality: 5 out of 5. Fragrance strength: 5 out of 5. Wax: soy blend. Wick: cotton. Burn time: 55 hours. Size: 8.64oz.

Info from Archipelago Botanicals on their Private Reserve Collection:
Straight from Archipelago Botanical's own Private Reserve – a collection of five fragrances that have been hand-picked by the creators. Unlike most home fragrance products found in stores, these candles are made with the powerful “absolutes” and premium ingredients that are routinely used in fragrance design but, because of the cost of these high-end essences, are rarely incorporated into products that are sold to the public. The results are wonderfully complex and unusual fragrances that immediately grab and entice the senses. One use will confirm that they are well worth the extra expense! All of the Private Reserve fragrances still bear the original working titles and fragrance numbers that were used in the Archipelago Botanicals lab, and are presented in dramatic, black-on-black style.