Anthousa Okeanos vs. Votivo White Ocean Sands Scent-Off

There are so many ocean scented candles, they can be tough to distinguish. We thought we'd have a scent-off between Anthousa Okeanos and Votivo White Ocean Sands.

Anthousa Okeanos wins the award for the most appropriate looking container. The hand-blown carved glass tumbler resembles seaglass to create a soft looked to beautifully compliment the delicate scent. Okeanos is a blend of sea grass, cactus water, lime leaves, green clover and ozonic sea notes. The candle description is right on point: "This candle transports you to azure-lined shore, amidst a salty sea breeze, inhaling the crisp sea air of the Aegean Sea." The scent is as lovely as the description. It's a very refined ocean - a far cleaner shoreline than the anything you'd find on the Pacific or Atlantic coastlines.
Stats: Vegetable wax. Cotton wick. 4.3oz. 40 hour burn time.
Burn: 5/5. Fragrance Strength: 3.5/5.

Votivo White Ocean Sands perfectly blends the scent of both beach sand and salty ocean. This is a more rough ocean scent. It brings back memories of building sandcastles on the beach in Cape Cod - gritty sand mixed heavily with salty Atlantic ocean water to the point where the sand turns soupy. The woodsy essence reminds me of the mustiness you get on the Cape from the heavy, sticky salt air. The scent was surprisingly subtle by Votivo standards. We could smell the candle, but it wasn't overwhelming.
Stats: Paraffin wax. Cotton wick. 7.3oz. 50 hour burn time.
Burn: 4/5. Fragrance strength: 3/5.

Everyone has a different translation of what ocean smells like. Some ocean candle fragrance go towards cologne, some floral and some salty. These are both great options if you're looking for a salty ocean scent.