The Main Event Episode 69 AQUIESSE Candles

We recently received a mystery box from Aquiesse filled with a diffuser, full size candle, small candle and several travel tins, so that we could see what they are all about. Aquiesse has been around since 2005 and is steadily growing in popularity. Their soy wax candles are some of the nicest burning candles we've ever seen. They burn with a nice, tight, steady flame without any maintenance needed. Aquiesse has 18 sophisticated fragrances and a wide variety including clean scents as well as more sultry fragrances. We loved their Rioja scent - a very clean take on currant with orange zest, grapefruit, and cassis. They also do a very nice job with sandalwood transforming it into a warm, mellow scent with a lot of character. The large Aquiesse candle lasts an amazing 100 hours and retails for $36. The small candle lasts 45 hours and retails for $20.

We especially love the super chunky, smokey glass containers for the candles and diffuser. The packaging for the Aquiesse candles is luxurious, sturdy and functional. The glass container for the large candle would work well as a pen holder or as a pot for a beautiful orchid after the candle is finished. The sturdy, cloth covered box for the large candle is also reusable with a button pull top. The large candle comes with a lid that can be used as a candle plate when in use and cover when not in use to keep dust out.

The diffuser also comes in chunky, smokey glass and includes a glass top with rubber stopper to seal the diffuser when not in use or to use when the diffuser is done. It's a challenge to create a diffuser with the same scent as the candle, but Aquiesse mastered that beautifully. The Rioja diffuser scent is beautiful and fresh and provided a clean scent. Aquiesse diffusers last 6-12 months and retail for $50. Refills are available. The cloth-covered box for the diffuser is also reusable with a button pull-top lid and would make a great storage box for cards or other sentimental items.

All-in-all we were very impressed with Aquiesse. They combine attractive packaging and quality ingredients to create products that perform in top form. We'd love to hear from you. Have you ever tried Aquiesse? What do you think of their products? Do you enjoy luxurious, reusable packaging or do you favor something more eco-friendly? Let us know what you think and you may win a free Aquiesse travel tin candle!


  1. Aquiesse is the single BEST candle on the market! I am so pleased to see that the company is doing well and expanding. I have NEVER experienced such a beautiful and consistent product as I have with the Aquiesse line. I have purchased everything they offer because each time I do I am bowled over by the quality and the scents which are layered, complex and beautiful. The Rioja is so uplifting I feel as though I am on vacation in some remote & lush part of the world. The packaging makes for the most impressive gift (no wrapping required!) It looks and feels as though it costs far more than it does AND is re-usable in so many ways! The glass containers that hold these dreamy candles match the quality of the packaging and there is NO WAY I would ever dispose of one. It quite simply could be sold independently without the candle! Also, there is no need to further create eco-friendly packaging because items of this lovely are not tossed out and that eliminates waste altogether. The containers & packaging become a secondary "gift" from Aquiesse. However, here's the bottom line: It's the remarkable quality of the Aqiuesse soy candles & diffusers themselves that have signed, sealed and delivered my admiration, appreciation and dedication to purchase this divine line. I HIGHLY recommend this company and everything they offer. In my view no other company "holds a candle" to Aquiesse and I have tried hundreds! I wish to see them sold everywhere and hope the company grows & grows because they definitely "got it right!" YOU MUST CARRY THIS BRAND!!!

  2. I just did an opening order with Aquiesse because I love the scent of the Marsaille Casisse candle. I was niot able to order that scent but was told that Roja was the same. The Roja does not have nearly the amount essential oils. In fact, it doesn't smell at all. I am very disappointed and plan on contacting the company.


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