The Main Event Episode 55 Aroma M Perfume

Aroma M is an artisan perfumer that was established in 1995 by Maria McElroy, an American born painter who transferred her color and texture blending talents to the art of fragrance blending. She study aromatherapy and spent seven years in Japan to become an expert in essential oils and incense. Her contemporary fragrances are based on Geisha sensibility and the subtleties of Japanese incense.

Aroma M uses unexpected fragrance combinations such as lychee and rose and her fragrances are gender neutral. Maria designs her fragrances not only smell beautiful, but also to enhance the mind and soul by relieving daily stress and promote composure and well being.

Aroma M has been featured in the NY Times, In Style, Oprah and Elle magazines, as well as the Today Show. These unique perfumes are sold throughout the US, Europe and China.

Aroma M offers five Geisha Eau de Parfum fragrances that are packaged in kimono style bags. The beautiful flacons are wrapped in Yuzen papers with intricate detail.

O-cha is a blend of green tea, fresh orange and bois de rose of vanilla. This perfume promotes self-awareness and balance.

Hana-cha is a blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and cedar. This perfume promotes focus, combats shyness, banishes worry and is an aphrodisiac.

Nobara-cha is a blend of wild roses, geranium and amber. It combats stress, clears the mind, and releases inhibitions.

Geisha Noire is a blend of amber and tonka bean. This perfume combats stress, clears your mind and assists in meditation and prayer.

Geisha Blanche is a blend of white flowers. It is feminine and sensual.

Aroma M also has 8 Geisha roll-on perfume oils named in the scent-appropriate color. The glass tubes are wrapped in Yuzen papers handcrafted in Kyoto.

Geisha Pink is a blend of sugared plum, orange and vanilla to recharge.

Geisha Marron is a blend of muguet, magnolia, chestnut blossom, mandarin, bergamot and grapefruit.

Geisha Violet is a blend of violet, lilac, lotus and bitter chocolate for a youthful feeling.

Geisha Green is a blend of absinthe, black currant, mandarin, violet, amber and tonka bean. Absinthe is an aphrodisiac and creativity enhancer.

Geisha Rouge is a blend of tonka bean, tobacco, vanilla, cinnamon, star anise, clove and sandalwood to promote sensuality.

Geisha Blue is a blend of blue chamomile, green tea, leafy greens and jasmine for balance.

Geisha Noire and Geisha Blanche fragrances are also available in roll-on.

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