The Main Event Episode 39 DayNa Decker Viva Chandel

Viva is the newest fragrance by DayNa Decker. It's a blend of bergamot, lemon flower, carnation, rose, amber and sandalwood but it smells like a bouquet of Stargazer Lilies. It is very similar to the Tocca Grace candle that has a Casablanca Lily fragrance.

The 3oz chandel lasts approximately 25 hours while the 6oz DayNa Decker Viva candle lasts approximately 45 hours. All DayNa Decker candles are made with a wide wood wick that gives a hissing/crackling sound effect while burning to simulate a fireside ambiance.

All DayNa Decker secondary packaging is 80% post consumer waste and Sustainable Forestry Initiative approved. The candles are poured in hand-blown recyclable green glass. The Ecowood wick is made from organic, sustainable wood via a natural manufacturing process. DayNa Decker chandels are made with 10-15% pure essential oils and complex fragrance notes to highlight the base, middle and top notes of each scent.