The Main Event Episode 27 Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is a famed interior designer and one of the judges on the Bravo show Top Design. His candle line is exquisite and highly fragrant. His signature candles are Muse Blanc and Muse Noir that are poured in beautiful porcelain bowls that are translucent while burning. Muse Blanc has a delicate floral fragrance. Muse Noir is more dark and bold with a blend of black plum, amber and vetiver. The Hashish candle is also housed in one of his porcelain containers and is a blend of black currant, green apple, wormwood, patchouli and moss.

The fragrances in Jonathan Adler's everyday collection are named after his favorite places. Big Sur (Forest) is a blend of crisp bergamot, rich vetiver, warm cedar wood and nutmeg. This is a very woody fragrance with a hint of spice to give it some warmth. Capri (Honeymoon) is a blend of crisp citrus, herbs, woods, moss and musk. This is a very bright, lemony, clean scent. Palm Beach (Sunshine) is my favorite with a bright citrus scent followed by a soft rose note. It has a blend of citrus, juicy lychee fruit and white rose petals. Shelter Island (Ocean) has a blend of fresh ocean notes of sea moss, hints of sage and fir balsam. This is a very salty-ocean scent and is our best selling water/ocean candle. Aix en Provence (Delirium) is a blend of lavender, white amber and musk. It's a very soft, not too woody or too floral, lavender scent. Southampton (Garden) is a blend of ivy, summer florals with a hint of moss and soft musk. This is a very leafy/working-in-the-garden floral fragrance. More green than petal.