The Main Event Episode 23 k. hall Washed Cotton Collection

k. hall just launched a new collection - Washed Cotton. This is the first "cotton" fragrance we've seen that actually smells truly like cotton. No joke. Typically linen/fresh/white scents are overly floral. This really smells like sheets drying on the line or like you just unloaded the dryer. It's a beautiful fresh scent - very pure and clean and not overdone.

We currently have Washed Cotton in a 100% vegetable candle that lasts 60 hours and a room diffuser that lasts 4-6 months. We also have the diffuser refill. k. hall's Washed Cotton massive bar soap should be in soon. Their luxurious soap is made with shea butter & olive oil and it's triple milled. k. hall bar soap is fantastic for the show as it lasts for months and fits nicely into the sisal soap pocket for exfoliating to create fresh and vibrant skin.

We'd love to get the linen spray (to use while ironing to make your clothes smell like you wash by hand) as well as the laundry soap (again, to fool everyone that you have that much time to wash and dry things by hand). If you are interested in the sheet spray or hand soap or lotion please let us know! We'd love to eventually carry everything in the Washed Cotton Collection so let us know what you are interested in.