The Main Event Episode 7 Aromatherapy Interventions

In this episode we give a brief overview of the Aromatherapy Interventions candle line. Aromatherapy Interventions hand-selects the fragrances for each candle based on Aromacology - the science of scent applied to the modern mind. The candles are a soy and coconut wax blend with fragrant and rare essential oils.

The side of each candle box lists the fragrances used to elicit the effect created by the candle. One of my favorites is Birthday Panic. "You have yet to save the planet, surf an endless summer or party like a rock star. Essences of Indonesian takrai and frankincense lessen restless anxiety." I also like the Co-Dependant candle because it has 2 wicks (you have to light both wicks at the same time for the full effect since they're co-dependent).

These candles make a great, fun gift for about $19 each. The packaging is colorful and well done and the candles last approximately 50 hours. They burn beautifully and they are moderately fragrant.