The Main Event Episode 12 Mystery Box Black & White Co.

In this episode we open a mystery box from Black & White Co. Please welcome our special guest host, our daughter, Isabella.

Black & White Co. has been making hand-poured candles in Saint Louis, Missouri since 2005. The candles are made with a refined paraffin blended with soy wax and each candle lasts approximately 70 hours. The candles are scented with a blend of essential oils and fragrance oils. They offer over 30 different scents to choose from such as Martini, which has lemon, lime, olive leaves and verbena. The packaging is attractive and the candles are poured in very fine quality glass. It looks like the candles use a wick with a zinc core for stability.

While the candle is nice, we felt that the candle, the scent and the packaging didn't all mesh well together. The packaging is refined but the scents are more fun. We also felt that the candle would get lost in our large selection as there wasn't any one thing, or an overall presence, that really stood out for us.

For more information on Black & White Co. candles, and to find a retailer near you, please visit