The Main Event Episode 10 Anthousa de Gournay Diffuser

Anthousa just launched a new diffuser fragrance, Jardinieres & Citrus Trees. The scent was inspired by the hand painted wallpaper by de Gourney of London. Touched by the elegance of one particular piece of original art, Jardinieres and Citrus Trees, Anthousa created this Limited Edition signature fragrance.

Jardinieres & Citrus Trees is a blend of Italian Mandarin, Sicilian Tangerine and Valencia Orange with subtle hints of Mountain Fir, Petitgrain, Peppermint and Lemon Leaves. The fragrance is grounded with dry notes of Cedarwood, Woodland Moss and White Musk. The result is an earthy and graceful citrus blend.

This is a limited editon fragrance.


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