Monday, March 19, 2012

Live It Up with LAFCO

LAFCO candles were created to compliment the ambiance and decor in your home.  These beautiful and versatile candles can be used in any area to create your own personal fragrance esthetic.  LAFCO candles are poured in an over-sized, hand blown art glass vessel that will become a keepsake for generations to come.  Made with 16 oz of clean burning and highly scented soy wax, these candles will last over 90 hours.

Join us for a chance to win a LAFCO candle!  2 chances to win.  Here's how:

Enter to win a LAFCO Lake House (Water Hyacinth) candle in our Website & Store Raffle:
  • Earn 1 raffle entry for every LAFCO candle purchased in our store or on our website between 3/19/12 and 3/29/12.
  • Earn 1 raffle entry for every LAFCO product review on our website between 3/19/12 and 3/29/12.
Enter to win a Light House (Fog & Mist) candle in our Facebook Raffle:
  • 'Like' our Facebook Page.  Pick a room (bedroom, porch, sun room...) or type of home (Swiss Chalet, NY Loft...).  What fragrance would you create for that space?  What color would you use for the vessel? Post your answer on our Facebook wall for 1 raffle entry.
We'll pick a random winner for each raffle on Friday, March 30, 2012 and announce the winners here and on Facebook.  We'll ship to any continental US address.

Good luck!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Facebook Top Fan February 2012 - Kathy Richey

My name is Kathy and I have an addiction to candles. I started burning candles in my teens. I wasn’t picky, whatever I could afford to buy. In my twenties while on vacation, I wandered into a store burning Root and Trapp and I was in love with luxury candles.

Have you ever thought of all the reasons people use candles - for celebrations, romance, spiritual purposes, to light up your dinner table or just for relaxing. It’s the whole ritual of either taking out a new candle or trimming an old one, lighting it and then savoring it. Light and fragrance are the most effective and easiest way to improve your home’s mood and ambiance. Home interior candles allow you to provide both. They create elegant subtle lighting and beautifully decorate your home with texture and color. I cannot express the amount of peace and comfort I receive when lighting candles after a trying day; or the happiness I get on a great day. Do you know what makes candles so fascinating? Everyone has a different opinion about what makes candles truly magical and what scents appeal to them.

I like a strong throw on a candle. Since I live in South Florida near the ocean and it’s warm a good portion of the year, I tend to gravitate to citrus, mint, ocean and clean scents. I’m not a floral person although I grew up with a garden of peonies and lily of the valley under my window, so I love having them thrown into the blend as it brings back so many wonderful childhood memories. The sweet fascination for candles can be as simple as a memory triggered by a beautiful scent or the safety the light inspires.

My favorite candles:

Nest, Nest, Nest and Nest - I love every scent they make. They have a strong throw and burn beautifully. The three wick candles are a dream. I have been burning Nest for years and have never been displeased. Grapefruit has to be my favorite closely followed by Holiday, Pumpkin Chai, Peony and every other scent they make! I can’t wait for Beach to come out.

Lafco - Beach House is my favorite . The scent is like being on the beach and the vessel reminds me of beautiful sea glass, which we like to collect. Wheat field is a wonderful addition for fall. It’s strong enough for me but the scent is not to heavy.

My surprise new candle this year is Aura Bubbly. Like so many other of you face book fans, I have fallen into it’s clutches. It is so crisp and clean and I enjoy the fact that I can burn it all year long and it burns beautifully. I can’t help to still be a little partial to a clear vessel and white wax combination.

My favorite Holiday Candles: 

Votivo Icy Blue Pine, Nest Holiday, Nest Pumpkin Chai. Icy Blue Pine was new for me this year and it is up there with Nest Holiday for my must have Holiday candles. Two completely different scents that somehow still work well with each other. The Icy Blue Pine truly gave off a real pine scent, while still being crisp and clean. And nothing compares to Nest Holiday, it is truly a perfect candle scent. Seeing that we have a limited fall season, I really look forward to burning Nest Pumpkin Chai. It is an amazing combination of pumpkin and spices that is close to perfection.

On a side note, I have been so pleased with Candles off Main through the years. I appreciate the time that Sue takes to post new candles and scents, her prompt response to questions and superb customer service. Reading the face book blog and viewing Sue’s video posts, give me so many new ideas and candles to try. It’s also nice to know that there are other fellow candle enthusiasts that truly understand the simple joy of lighting a new candle and enjoying the glow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dream a Little Fig Dream....

Ripe black figs and gently crushed fig leaves are combined with a bit of lime zest to create an earthy fruited scent. 

I've been having an absolute fig fest lately try all varieties of fig candles.  It's amazing how different they all are. Some lean towards the green leaves of a fig tree, some towards it's fruity sweetness and others go to the dark side.  The LAFCO Guest House (Marseilles Fig) candle, however, comes across as slightly gourmand.

I picture black figs baked in the oven until slightly soft, drizzled with honey while still warm, and then topped with the smallest sprinkling of lime zest.  This fragrance makes me happy and hungry.  If I could dream a little dream, I'd see the French countryside out the window and I'd be sipping smooth red wine and eating gourmet cheese and bread while enjoying this candle.  Soft music would play in the background and the table would be surrounded by friends and family laughing the night way.   Oh, to dream...

I love all the hand-blown colored vessels in the LAFCO candle line.  They are so eye catching the price is worth the vessel alone.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed this clear glass vessel.  It looks so simple and elegant and the black rim ads a nice touch.

I'm always impressed with the amount of fragrance LAFCO candles provide.  I put this candle in my front room that has a high ceiling that opens to the second floor.  This candle filled the space with ease yet didn't overwhelm it.

If you created a fig candle, what would it smell like?