Meet The Maker - Meredith Waga-Perez of Belle Fleur

We recently met with Meredith Waga-Perez, founder of Belle Fleur Home Fragrance. It is always a pleasure to meet Meredith as she is just as beautiful, sophisticated and refined as her candle line. Meredith and her mother, Marilyn, started their elite flower design service in New York City 15 years ago. They cater to New York City's finest customers and events.

Meredith longed to share her love of flowers on a more global level, but the perishable nature of their product, and their exquisite hands-on service, limited their scope to New York City. About two years ago, Meredith turned to home fragrance as a way to provide the beautiful fragrance of her flowers to a broader range of customers. The Belle Fleur home fragrance line began with a floral collection of four fragrances: Mayan Tuberose (her signature scent), Orange Blossom Pomegranate, Jasmine Verbena and White Orchid Tea.

After creating the Classic (floral) Collection, she had such a passion for home fragrance that she couldn't stop, and the Exotic Wood Collection was born. Meredith created five more fragrances: Bergamot Cedar, Cocoa Tabaq, Kyara Clove, Figue Noir and Neroli Pine. The wood collection allowed Meredith to create deeper, more intense scents to balance the heady floral fragrances in her Classic Collection.

There is a story behind every fragrance that Meredith creates whether it be a memory, a feeling, a place or an ambiance she wants to recreate. Having been in the floral business for 15 years, her nose had become so attune to the true scent of flowers that she needs to create just the right gardenia, and just the right jasmine... Her persistence resulted in several renditions until each fragrance she creates is exactly what she envisioned. The result is a fragrance so sophisticated and well-balanced that every scent is a winner - floral or not.

In the two years since launching Belle Fleur, Meredith has become a leader in the world of home fragrance. Belle Fleur now sells on a global level and is regularly featured in magazines and favored by celebrities. Meredith's nose is so refined that she has been called to create private label lines. The Belle Fleur Home Fragrance business has grown so large that her husband, Tony, has joined the force.

We've adored Meredith and her fragrance line since we were introduced over a year ago. We're honored to represent her products and look forward to her new creations in the years to come.

Thank you to Michele Deckman of Maryland for submitting your question for our Meet The Maker series. We'll send a beautiful Belle Fleur candle to you soon!