Friday, July 30, 2010

Altru Artistry Masala Chai Soy Candle

After so many nights of watery scents, we've made a drastic switch to spice with the Altru Artistry Masala Chai candle. I love the warm spicy accents. It reminds me that cooler weather does exist and I'm looking forward to it. What I like most about this candle, is that it doesn't go overly sweet into vanilla or amber to offset the spicy notes. Instead, I smell the creamy, frothy milk sitting atop the warm spices infused in a chai tea latte. The balance is delicate and seamless.

Manuela Testolini did an excellent job of paying homage to the richness of Moroccan art and culture with the Artistry candle.  The hammered copper vessel add to the beauty of these soy blend candles. Proceeds from the Altru collection support the In a Perfect World Children's Foundation. In a Perfect World inspires and empowers children to become compassionate, socially conscious and responsible leaders. They believe that when children are given the platform and experience to allow their dreams, ideas, and thoughts to be heard and shared, their innate desire for ‘a perfect world’ can and will lead to breakthrough measures that could significantly change the outlook of the future.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lafco House & Home Candles

The Lafco House & Home candle collection was created to complement the ambiance and decor in each room in your home. These beautiful and versatile candles can be used in any area to create your own personal fragrance aesthetic.
  • The Lafco Office candle is bright and vibrant with a mix of rosemary, eucalyptus and fresh mint.  This candle is a real eye opener and perfect to help stay alert at work.
  • The Lafco Bathroom candle has a marine scent with a hint of cucumber for a surprising freshness.  This is one of our favorite ocean/water scented candles.
  • The Lafco Bedroom candle blends soothing lavender with calming chamomile.  There is a hint of a warm scent, such as amber, to add a coziness to this fragrance.    The calming accent reminds me of the Aquiesse Luxe Linen candle.
  • The Lafco Breakfast Room candle has a super fruity citrus berry scent.  This is a fun, lively scent.  If you like Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry, you would probably like this fragrance.
  • The Lafco Dining Room candle blend celery and thyme, but it's mostly celery.  This clean, simple scent works well in a dining room to not interfere with any aroma from a meal being served.
  • The Lafco Foyer candle blends amber with black vanilla for a deep, intense scent.  The amber black vanilla blend would instantly put guests at rest when the arrive at your home.  This fragrance would also work well in a den for a relaxing atmosphere. 
  • The Lafco Living Room candle bursts with the scent of fresh cut gardenias.  This very floral scent transforms the most simple living room into a grand and elegant room.
Lafco candles are made with clean burning soy-based wax and 100% natural cotton wick. The House & Home scented soy wax candles are poured in an over-sized, hand blown art glass vessel (approx 4” x 4”) that will become a keepsake for generations to come.

Lafco Office Rosemary Eucalyptus Candle

The Lafco Office Rosemary Eucalyptus candle just arrived. I love this scent! It combines my three favorite energizing scents: rosemary, eucalyptus and fresh mint. Anytime a candle maker adds rosemary to a fragrance, it makes it so fresh and alive. Eucalyptus and mint are already such an eye openers, so the three together are just amazing. The mint smells like real mint leaves from the garden and the eucalyptus isn't medicinal. This candle is perfect for the office or anywhere you need a little wake up call.

Lafco Candles are made with clean burning soy-based wax and 100% natural cotton wick. The House & Home scented soy wax candles are poured in an over-sized, hand blown art glass vessel (approx 4” x 4”) that will become a keepsake for generations to come. With 16oz of wax and 90+ hour burn time, this puppy will be your friend for a long, long time....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Linnea's Lights Ocean Candle

Linnea's Lights Ocean is the most fragrant ocean candle we've tried. The green florals and sea air come across the strongest. The citrus notes lighten the scent and the sea moss grounds it without making it heavy. The fragrance reminds me of Hawaii, where there is always a breeze off the water but it isn't overly salty. The air is dry, fresh and abundant with flowers. The earth is moist from the tropical rain bringing a coolness to the air.

Overall, this is a very fragrant, fresh, floral scent and would work well anytime you want to brighten the room. I love the 2 wicks! This candle liquefies quickly and burns cleanly and easily.

Stats: Burn 4.5/5. Fragrance strength 4/5. Wax: Soy. Wick: Cotton. Burn time: 60 hours. Wax Feel: Soft crayons. Wax amount: 9oz.

If I were to give this candle a....
  • Name: Lily
  • Month: June
  • Color: Pale Blue
  • Look: Lucy Liu
  • Smell: Fresh
  • Element: Water
Linnea's Lights candles are hand-poured with pure, all natural soy wax and fine fragrances. They use lead-free cotton wicks and come complete with a pack of matches. Linnea's Lights uses packaging made with recycled content and soy-based ink.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anthousa Okeanos vs. Votivo White Ocean Sands Scent-Off

There are so many ocean scented candles, they can be tough to distinguish. We thought we'd have a scent-off between Anthousa Okeanos and Votivo White Ocean Sands.

Anthousa Okeanos wins the award for the most appropriate looking container. The hand-blown carved glass tumbler resembles seaglass to create a soft looked to beautifully compliment the delicate scent. Okeanos is a blend of sea grass, cactus water, lime leaves, green clover and ozonic sea notes. The candle description is right on point: "This candle transports you to azure-lined shore, amidst a salty sea breeze, inhaling the crisp sea air of the Aegean Sea." The scent is as lovely as the description. It's a very refined ocean - a far cleaner shoreline than the anything you'd find on the Pacific or Atlantic coastlines.
Stats: Vegetable wax. Cotton wick. 4.3oz. 40 hour burn time.
Burn: 5/5. Fragrance Strength: 3.5/5.

Votivo White Ocean Sands perfectly blends the scent of both beach sand and salty ocean. This is a more rough ocean scent. It brings back memories of building sandcastles on the beach in Cape Cod - gritty sand mixed heavily with salty Atlantic ocean water to the point where the sand turns soupy. The woodsy essence reminds me of the mustiness you get on the Cape from the heavy, sticky salt air. The scent was surprisingly subtle by Votivo standards. We could smell the candle, but it wasn't overwhelming.
Stats: Paraffin wax. Cotton wick. 7.3oz. 50 hour burn time.
Burn: 4/5. Fragrance strength: 3/5.

Everyone has a different translation of what ocean smells like. Some ocean candle fragrance go towards cologne, some floral and some salty. These are both great options if you're looking for a salty ocean scent.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Main Event Episode 80 DayNa Decker Ella

The Ella chandel was introduced earlier this year as the newest fragrance for the Botanika Collection by DayNa Decker. Ella is a blend of mandarin, citrus, jasmine, tuberose and sandalwood to create a sexy, sweet, glamorous fragrance.

We can't really detect the floral or citrus notes in either the cold or the warm scent throw. For us, the fragrance was sexy and sweet. It is reminiscent of caramelized brown sugar. A very deep, but not dark, scent mostly oriented towards sandalwood.

DayNa Decker recently changed their wax from translucent to a creamy, soft green wax. The new wax formulation burns easily and evenly and the wood wick crackles while burning for a multisensory experience.

The 6oz Ella chandel lasts 40-45 hours and the 3oz chandel lasts approximately 25 hours.

What is your favorite DayNa Decker fragrance?

Free Aquiesse Shoreline Travel Tin Candle

Receive a free Aquiesse Shoreline travel tin candle with any Aquiesse purchase. Offer valid while supplies last. No coupon code necessary. Click here for your free Aquiesse Shoreline Travel Tin Candle.

Aquiesse (pronounced 'รค-kwe-'es) uses designer nature-inspired fragrances made with the highest-grade essential oils and natural ingredients, concentrated perfectly to quickly scent your space without overpowering.

  • Aquiesse uses a proprietary wax blend made from the purest soy and natural ingredients available for the best fragrance performance & saturation, and ultra clean and even burn.

  • Aquiesse uses lead-free, cotton-based wicks are used for optimal burn time and clean, even burn performance.

  • The reusable, ultra-thick smoke-brown glass is stunning and looks beautiful in every home.

  • Custom heat-resistant candle cover is designed to serve as a pedestal for the candle to rest on while burning, to extinguish candle, and also to keep the wax dust free when not in use.

  • Packaged in a reusable keepsake box.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Le Cherche Midi 05 Candle

Tonight we're enjoying the Le Cherche Midi 05 candle.

"The Le Cherche Midi 05 candle invites you to an afternoon garden party where lovely dresses graze a fresh cut lawn, crisp white linens cover the tables, and the shade of a majestic pine cools the air."

Well said! The linen really comes through to create a soapy and fresh scent as it mixes gracefully with baby fresh grass. I love the pine accent to ground the scent. This is a delicate scent that would work well with company. Le Cherche Midi candles are the best indulgent luxury! If you've tried this fragrance, let us know what you think.

Stats: Burn 4/5. Fragrance 3.5/5. Wick: cotton. Wax Feel: paste glue. Wax: refined paraffin wax.
If I were to give this candle a...
Color: Green
Name: Grace
Month: June
Look: Grace Kelly
Smell: fresh
Age: 55 (for the elegant/refined scent - not for the age of the consumer that would enjoy it)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Main Event Episode 79 Orange Fragrances

On hot, steamy summer nights like this, it's nice to enjoy an invigorating orange-scented candle to rejuvenate and refresh.

Floral Orange Candles:
Generally speaking, if a fragrance description includes orange blossom, the fragrance will be very floral, similar to tuberose.
Nest Orange Blossom
Nest Orange Blossom is the most floral orange candle we have. It smells a lot like tuberose. This candle is nothing like orange the fruit. It screams orange blossom - the flower. Nest Orange Blossom blends orange blossom with orchid, tiare flower and freesia with with tangerine, lemon and musk. Nest candles are highly fragrant and this candle is no exception. Nest Orange Blossom is available in a votive, 8oz candle and 3-wick candle.

Orangerie D'Azahar in a new fragrance by Voluspa and is part of their new Maison Blanc Collection. This very floral fragrance was inspired by the gorgeous Orange Blossom coast of Spain, Costa del Azahar. Voluspa Orangerie D'Azahar is available in a 12oz candlepot, 2-wick tin, 15oz ceramic candle and room & body spray.

Dahlia Orange Bloom by Voluspa is also floral but very earthy. Voluspa Dahlia Orange Bloom blends Mexican neroli orange blossom, organic lemon peel from California and patchouli from Indonesia. The patchouli gives it an almost "dirty" appeal. This is the most heavy, earthy scent in the bunch. Voluspa Dahlia Orange Bloom is available in a 3-wick tin, 5oz candle, 10oz candlepot and diffuser.

Le Cherche Midi 14 is a summertime floral delight, but from rose buds, not orange blossom. It blends mandarin blossoms, rose buds and black currant. We tried this candle the other night and it was very fragrant. The rose buds dominated the scent and the orange blossom and black current added nice accents. Le Cherche Midi candles burn beautifully and the packaging is amazing with it's slide top wood box, silk lid and unique square glass. If you've never tried Le Cherche Midi please do!

Earthy Orange Candles:
Orange blends perfectly with earthy scents. We see this a lot in the fall and winter with orange/clove and orange/cinnamon combinations, but there are also a few year-round earthy orange candles.

Thymes Ambersweet Orange is a very subtle and relaxing scent. This fragrance is good for fall as it blends orange blossom, creamy almond milk, Tonka bean and vanilla grounded by nutmeg, sandalwood and cardamom. This is another candle that we need to burn to see how the scents interact. Thymes Ambersweet Orange is available in a candle and room mist as well as bath & body products.

Bitter Orange is the signature scent by Agraria. This is the first fragrance they created as a potpourri in their store on Nob Hill in San Francisco. The scent was such a hit that it inspired an entire luxury fragrance line. Agraria Bitter Orange is very grounding. I love how the blended the bitter orange with cypress. They managed to give it an earthy feel, and while it's a deep fragrance, it isn't heavy. I love the way Agraria candles burn. Very cleanly, easily and level. My only regret is that we don't have the larger size - yet! The fragrances are far to beautiful to go through so quick. The Petite Crystal Cane candle lasts a brief 25 hours, though we burned it for 4 hours the other night and there wasn't much wax loss. The differs, on the other hand, are incredibly long lasting. The large diffuser (AirEssence) lasts for over a year and the petite diffuser (PetitEssence) lasts several months. Agraria is definitely the longest lasting diffuser we represent and the fragrances are as elegant as the packaging. Stunning!

Fruity Orange Candles:
Orange fragrances can be zesty, floral or juicy. When the description lists orange zest or orange peel - it's just that. The outside, very clean and fresh part of the orange.

Even though the Belle Fleur Orange Blossom Pomegrante candle lists orange blossom as one of the notes, this candle smells much more like fruity pomegranate and pungent cassis than floral orange blossom. I love everything about Belle Fleur candles - the ready-to-gift packaging and they burn beautifully, cleanly and easily. I just think that this name is a little misleading.

Vacarro Orange & Myrrh is a new fragrance by Voluspa and is part of the new Maison Noir Collection. Of the three orange fragrances on the table by Voluspa, this one smells the most like an orange. This fragrance blends sweet vacarro orange peel, cassis and myrrh. The myrrh in this candle is very subtle when cold, which is why I didn't put it above with the earthy orange candles. We need to burn this candle to see if the myrrh comes out more, but as is, it's a luscious, juicy scent. Voluspa Vacarro Orange & Myrrh is available in a 12oz candlepot, 2-wick tin, 15oz ceramic candle and room & body spray.

Sweet Orange Candles:
Orange candles last list vanilla as one of the notes will be sweet and tend to have a strong vanilla accent.

Trapp Orange Vanilla is one of the best selling fragrances in the country. It marries juicy orange with vanilla bean. Trapp candles are highly fragrant and burn beautifully. Trapp Orange Vanilla is available in a votive, 5oz candle, 7oz candle, diffuser, diffuser refill and room spray.

Anthousa Vanilla, Grapefruit and Blood Orange is so strong in vanilla that it fits more in this section than the blood orange category below. This is similar to the Trapp Orange Vanilla candle with it's strong vanilla accord, but the juicy orange gets lost in the sweet vanilla in this one. The grapefruit adds a subtle zestiness to the scent, but subtle. Anthousa candles burn beautifully in the Italian frosted tumbler. I save the empty tumblers (they are easy to wash out with soap and water as Anthousa uses and all vegetable wax) and use them as bud vases and votive holders. They look gorgeous on a dining table. Anthousa Vanilla, Grapefruit & Blood Orange is also available in a diffuser.

Blood Orange Candles:

Candles with blood orange in the description are the most juicy, orange fragrances. They are very refreshing , fun and delicious.

Italian Blood Orange by Red Flower is one of my favorite candles. I love the fresh, juicy orange fragrance and the energetic, glowing wax in this candle. This scent is great in the kitchen or anytime you need a vibrant scent to enliven your space. Red Flower candles are very long lasting for their size. The 6oz candle lasts 45-50 hours and the mini 1.5oz candle lasts 15 hours. The petals on top of the 6oz blood orange candle make a stunning decorative accent.

Italian Blood Orange by MOR is another juicy scent. This candle blends blood orange with apple, peach, pineapple and pear. Yum! I'm anxious to try this candle to see what the hot throw is like. If you've tried it, let me know what you think. This is the only orange candle we have with black wax. I'm a sucker for sexy black wax. MOR containers are translucent so you can see the candle burning and they are gilded with 24k gold. MOR candles are hand-poured and made with a fine soy wax blend.

We forgot to include Antica Farmacista Orange Blossom diffuser. Since we were looking for orange candles, we skipped over this fantastic fragrance. Antica Farmacista Orange Blossom blends floral orange blossom, lilac and jasmine with citrus notes of mandarin and lemon and grounds the scent with a subtle hint of vanilla musk.

MOR Belladonna Candle

MOR Belladona Candle
We're enjoying the MOR Cosmetics Belladona candle this evening. It is a blend of white narcissus, moroccan rose, pink tulips, meyer lemon and French cassis grounded with sandalwood, vanilla and musk. The cold scent comes across as a buttery floral - similar to Voluspa's Fleurs de Fete but not as powdery. When it's burning, the sandalwood, vanilla and musk dominate to create the most relaxing and romantic fragrance. It reminds me of the type of day where you want to stay in your pajamas all day and have pancakes for dinner. Just wish the floral and citrus notes didn't get so lost in translation. Love the way the creamy white glass glows while burning. Very elegant!

If you've ever tried the MOR Belladonna candle, please let us know what you think!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Main Event Episode 78 Ocean Fragrances

It's summertime and everyone is looking for the perfect ocean scent to captivate them and bring them into the moment of this exhilarating season. Ocean fragrances can vary from salty, to beach grass to watery with so many blends in between.

Starting with the most salty, Antousa Okeanos, for us, is the epitome of an ocean, summertime scent. It brings me to the sandy beaches of Cape Cod where the spray from the crashing surf fills the air. The air is thick and moist, blending the scent of sand and dune grass. The Anthousa Okeanos diffuser has an elegant summer look, with a speckled decanter and fragrance oil tinted soft blue. The Okeanos Candle is filled in a hand-blown tumbler that looks like sea glass.

Another salty, ocean scent is the Del Mar candle by Voluspa. Del Mar blends crisp kelp and sweet ocean air. The Voluspa Del Mar candle burns beautifully, and very fragrantly. I love the decanter - it makes a perfect stash jar for earrings and other goodies after the candle is done. The Voluspa Del Mar candle

The Thymes Naia candle is a soft, elegant summer scent. It's more watery than salty with water lily, cyclamen, citrus notes and lychee. This is a delicate blend and a great hostess gift with is more general appeal. Naia is also available in a room spray and bath & body products.

Seablue Sky is a new fragrance by Votivo. Unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to burn this candle yet. My hunch is that the true meaning of this scent comes alive when it's burning to distinguish it from the many other water-oriented scents by Votivo. Seablue Sky is a blend of fresh air, lavender and amber. The cold throw for Votivo Seablue Sky definitely comes across as the most salty, ocean scented candle they offer.

White Ocean Sands is a popular fragrance by Votivo. This scent was created to evoke the ambiance of a bonfire on the beach after a hot summer day. It is definitely more smokey and woodsy than Seablue Sky, but this is another one that we need to burn to get the true essence.

Antica Farmacista Acqua is a watery fragrance, blending sweet musk and marine algae. It reminds us a lot of a linen scent or Washed Cotton by K. Hall. It's very fresh and clean, but not much like the ocean. Antica Farmacista Acqua is available in a demi and petite diffuser.

Earlier this year K. Hall launched Shore-Line fragrance and it's an instant hit. Shore-Line has soothing watery, spa-like notes with a very clean and fresh finish. This water scent comes across more like cologne than ocean. K. Hall Shore-Line is available in a diffuser, diffuser refill and candle.

We recently tried the Lafco Bathroom Marine candle and loved it. It is a delicate, summery scent and reminds us of the iced water with floating cucumber slices that you get at a spa. This cooling scent instantly soothes you on a hot, steamy day. The 4" x 4", hand-blown vase is stunning with the most gorgeous soft, blue hue that glows while the candle is burning. The Lafco Bathroom Marine candle mesmerizes you with it's beautiful look and delightful scent.

The Trapp Ocean Marine candle has oceanic, aquatic notes with a hint of cassis. This I can't say this smells like the ocean, but it does smell a lot like water but with more character. The cassis gives it a bit of a kick with it's crisp note. For a flat, tap water like scent, try the Trapp Water candle.

I need to try the Shelter Island (Ocean) candle by Jonathan Adler. It is a blend of fresh ocean notes, sea moss, sand grains, sage and fir balsam. It's cold throw is very oceany and salty and we can definitely pick up the grassy and sandy notes. I'm curious with how the sage and fir balsam interact with the summery notes while burning. Jonathan Adler candles tend to be highly fragrant.

Aquiesse Shoreline is a newer candle for us and it's been a huge hit. It is a summery scent with a strong floral accord, not overly ocean. We love the way Aquiesse candles burn - very clean and even. This scent was very fragrant and lovely.

The Pacifica candle by Archipelago Botanicals blends ylang-ylang, cedar and sea greens. It's a romantic summer scent - delicate and pure. It reminds me of when I was young, enjoying the beach a night when the heat of the sun is gone, the day relaxes, and the beach grass sways in the dunes while salty air swirls around me.

Recently Voluspa launched their new Maison Blanc Collection which includes their Laguna fragrance. Voluspa Laguna has been an instant addiction for many. This summer scent has a strong floral accord. Freesia blends with warm air and sand to create a magical summer scent. Laguna is available in an adorable 2-wick tin, giant 12oz candlepot that last 100 hours, a ceramic candle that everyone has been raving about and a room & body spray. Voluspa candles burn cleanly and beautifully. This scent is very fragrant.

The last three fragrances are candles that have ocean names or ocean descriptions but don't smell like the ocean at all.

Vie Luxe Cote D'Azur is a beautiful, sweet floral fragrance but not at all like the ocean. The
watery lily adds a nice water accord but freesia, pink rose and french verbena dominate this candle.

The Ocean candle by Red Flower blends mangrove, bay lavender, beach morning glory and bay laurel leaf. For us, this scent comes across as eucalyptus. It reminds me of when I was a kid and would cover my face in Noxzema to take the sting out of a brutal sunburn. Red Flower Ocean has that same cooling, soothing effect, but doesn't smell at all like the ocean or water. Ocean burns beautifully as the colorful wax liquefies while burning and it is available in a 6oz and 1.5oz candle.

The Le Cherche Midi 01 candle doesn't have an ocean name, but the description reads "It brings to life a tranquil ocean-side retreat where swaying beach grass, sun-dried driftwood, and summer herbs stir thoughts of sunset walks with family and friends." This candle blends lemon, bergamot, lavender and night blooming jasmine to create the most gorgeous cologne-like fragrance. Le Cherche Midi is an amazing and addicting scent that works well in any season, not just summer.

Hope you find the perfect ocean scent for you to languish in during the hot, steamy days of summer.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Archipelago Botanicals Stem Candle

Archipelago Botanicals launched their Private Reserve Collection earlier this year. Set in dark black glass with blax wax, the collection is both bold and stylish. Archipelago Botanical's perfumers were asked to create a scent based on a simple name: Stem, Grass, Lust, Zest and Leather.

Tonight we are trying the Archipelago Botanicals #112, Stem candle. My first impression: POW! I was immediately blasted with the fresh scent of rosehips. Typically I don't like floral scents, especially sweet, cloying rose fragrances. This candle however, is intoxicating. It grabbed me and pulled me in within minutes of lighting. I'm sensitive to scent (believe it or not!), so I usually gag on overly fragrant candles, but this one is different. Instead of being overwhelmed, I'm addicted. The scent is sweet, but more in a juicy way. It reminds me of biting into soft bubble gum that explodes with sour juice inside. The juiciness offsets the sweetness of the gum and the result is luscious! The rosehips intermingle gracefully with the freesia and I feel like a kid again. Youthful, fresh and lively. The oakmoss and musk soften and ground the scent but are barely noticeable. The overall effect is definitely a strong rosehip, juicy sweet delight.

The candle burns beautiful with a tight, steady flame - no flickering or smoke. It also burns level, liquefying to the sides in 1-2 hours. I'm a sucker for black wax. It doesn't get sexier than that. Well done Archipelago! I'm wowed.

Stats: Burn quality: 5 out of 5. Fragrance strength: 5 out of 5. Wax: soy blend. Wick: cotton. Burn time: 55 hours. Size: 8.64oz.

Info from Archipelago Botanicals on their Private Reserve Collection:
Straight from Archipelago Botanical's own Private Reserve – a collection of five fragrances that have been hand-picked by the creators. Unlike most home fragrance products found in stores, these candles are made with the powerful “absolutes” and premium ingredients that are routinely used in fragrance design but, because of the cost of these high-end essences, are rarely incorporated into products that are sold to the public. The results are wonderfully complex and unusual fragrances that immediately grab and entice the senses. One use will confirm that they are well worth the extra expense! All of the Private Reserve fragrances still bear the original working titles and fragrance numbers that were used in the Archipelago Botanicals lab, and are presented in dramatic, black-on-black style.

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Me=Idiot. I can admit it. I posted a bunch of reviews on our website to try and offer guidance. In the "Title" box, I entered my work title. duh. I was trying to be honest & upfront that the reviews were coming for us! Anyway... now I feel like an idiot because the "Title" field is supposed to be the "Review Title" like "I love the scent!" or "Sultry and Sexy"... oops. I can't edit my entries so now I need some help - this is where you come in.

I need you to flood our site with reviews so that mine get a little lost in the shuffle and I don't look so ignorant. The person that posts the most reviews by next Friday, 7/23, wins a gift pack valued at over $75! It's super easy - you don't even have to login. Simply select the product you'd like to review on our website. Under the product there's a link to "create a review". Please be sure to use the same name for each review so we can count accurately.

Here's our website address:

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

K. Hall Shore-Line Candle

It's Night 2 of our Aquiesse Shoreline vs. K. Hall Shore-Line candle Scent-Off. While they both smell very similar cold, Aquiesse Shoreline goes more salty and floral when burning while the K. Hall Shore-Line candle is more reminiscent of cologne. I put the diffuser in one of our bedrooms and when I walked in the other day, I thought that Dave had just been in the room (even though he doesn’t wear that type of men’s cologne - it smelled like a man had just been in there.) The candle is the same way. It actually takes the same type of direction as the Le Cherche Midi 01 candle that is described as an ocean scent but really smells like cologne. The K. Hall Shore-Line description reads "This tranquil fragrance has soothing watery, spa-like notes with a very clean and fresh finish. Shore-Line is sure to delight and freshen your home." Well said and very accurate (in a cologne-fragrance kind of way).

The K. Hall Shore-Line candle is not as fragrant as the Aquiesse Shoreline. I’d give this one a 3 on a scale of 0 to 5. K. Hall candles burn beautifully and easily. The 100% vegetable wax Shore-Line candle last 60 hours and has an all cotton wick. The Shore-Line diffuser lasts approximately 6 months. Diffuser refill oil and replacement reeds are available for all K. Hall diffuser fragrances. We love K. Hall and their all-natural, no-fuss approach to everything they do.

While Shore-Line doesn’t smell like the ocean to us, we recommend this candle and diffuser if you are looking for a more complex scent that works well year-round.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Aquiesse Shoreline Candle

The Shoreline candle by Aquiesse has been such a hit we thought we'd give it a try ourselves tonight. It has a summery, salty, airy, ocean scent with subtle floral notes. We've only been burning it for an hour and it's very fragrant and almost liquid to the sides (which will help it burn evenly to the bottom without tunneling). I would recommend this candle to a customer looking for an ocean fragrance.

The fragrance while burning (hot scent throw) is similar to the cold scent, which is always helpful when shopping for candles. I'd give it a 4.5 on a scale of 0 to 5 for fragrance. It's not a bold fragrance, so it isn't overwhelming, but it is strong in an average sized room. This scent is also available in a diffuser and would work well in a hand soap and/or lotion. Aquiesse Shoreline reminds us a lot of the Anthousa Okeanos candle (though, that is more salty) and K. Hall Shore-Line.

We love the way Aquiesse candles burn so easily and cleanly. We give the Aquiesse Shoreline candle a 5 on a scale of 0 to 5 for burning as it liquefies quickly, requires no maintenance, and burns with a steady, even flame that doesn't flicker or smoke. (Always be sure to burn your candles in a draft-free area for a clean, consistent burn.) This candle has an amazing 100 hour burn time making the $36 investment worth it. Not to mention the glass is incredibly gorgeous to be reused in so many ways. The packaging is also stunning with a reusable cloth covered, button-top box. And to top it off - the top! It has a fun, chunky cover that can be used as a stand while the candle is in use, a snuffer to extinguish the candle, and a dust cover when not in use.

If you've tried Aquiesse Shoreline, let us know what you think!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Voluspa Maison Noir Lichen & Vetiver Candle

We're trying the new Lichen (moss) & Vetiver candle in the new Maison Noir Collection by Voluspa tonight. It has a very clean, soft and refreshing scent. Moss is such an earthy, grounding scent. It works well with the clean aqua notes in this candle. Vetiver traditionally has a smokey, woody scent but it isn't heavy in this blend. The vetiver scent ads calming, soothing and uplifting characteristics to the candle fragrance.

On a scale of 0 to 5 I'd give it a 2 for fragrance, but we found with another Voluspa Maison candle that it's more fragrant on the second burn, so we may try it again tomorrow night.

I love the way Voluspa candles burn - so clean and easy. The new Maison glass is incredibly chic with its chunky thickness and smooth lines. I love the translucent smokey glass in the Maison Noir collection. The Voluspa Lichen & Vetiver 12oz candle is 100 hours of lusciousness and the 2-wick tin is absolutely adorable!

Have you tried Lichen & Vetiver? If so, let us know what you think!
Update: There was definitely more fragrance after 4 hours. We burned the candle for 5 hours. By the end, I'd give it a 3 in fragrance. We'll try it again today to see if it has more scent. It burned evenly across the top - no tunneling - which is impressive for such a large candle and a staggering burn time of 100 hours! This is a great scent if you are looking for a light, clean, moss fragrance.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sage Pearl Candle

Sage Pearl Candle
We're trying the Pearl candle by Sage tonight. It's an innocent blend of oak moss, sandalwood and vanilla. The packaging is absolutely stunning and it's burning beautifully - very clean, steady and with a delicate fragrance.

"Pearl is a lustrous fragrance that adorns the wearer with an aura of inviting beauty. Inspired by those captivating organic stones that oysters and mollusks have offered humankind since time immemorial, it begins with a delicately fresh, green top note of mousse de chene. The fragrance's full, round base note accord of meditative sandalwood and fresh musks accented with warm vanilla suggests the innocence and spiritual purity that pearls have long represented."

This Sage candle is poured in a colored glass container inspired by the gemstone, Pearl and is accented with a matte gold Sage logo. The 3oz candle has a 20 hour burn time and is made with a lead-free wick and dye-free wax.

Have you ever tried Sage candles or perfume? If so, please let us know what you think! We love to hear from you.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lafco Bathroom Marine Candle

We're testing the Bathroom (Marine) candle by LAFCO New York tonight. It looks absolutely gorgeous on our mantel in the hand-blown glass container (a nice bonus). The Lafco Bathroom candle is huge! It weighs over a pound with 16oz of wax, over 90 hour burn time and 4"x4" hand blown glass vessel! It makes quite an impact.

The Lafco Marine candle has a beautiful ocean/summer fragrance with a hint of cucumber. It makes a great background scent - perfect for entertaining. We can smell it but it's not overwhelming in our average size family room. It's burning very cleanly and steady (no flickering, soot or smoke) and it's an easy burning candle.

On a scale of 0 to 5 we give it a 2.5 for scent and 4.5 for burning (only because we haven't see the wax melt all the way to the side yet after 2 hours of burning. We're not sure if it will not tunnel or not yet.) We definitely recommend this Lafco Bathroom Marine candle. It also makes a nice hostess gift!

Update: After 2-3 hours of burning, we needed to center the wick on the Lafco Bathroom candle as it was creating a wax pool off to one side. Centering the wick centered the wax pool after a while but we were never able to get the wax to burn all the way to the sides, even after 4 hours of burning. (We got to about 1/2" of the edge - not bad.) I would recommend burning for 4-6 hours on the initial burn and at least 3-4 hours on subsequent burns to avoid tunneling. Since this candle is so large, so wide and slightly pricey, you want to be sure to take advantage of the 90+ hour burn time.

We also needed to trim the wick after 2-3 hours to keep the flame tight and steady. A large flickery flame can create soot and smoke and burn the wax too quickly lessening the burn time. After trimming the wick the flame burned beautifully again. The vessel is translucent so you can see the flame burning. The soft blue hue is stunning and each hand-blown glass vessel has it's own unique look. Lafco candles are very lovely!

The Marine Candle fragrance intensified after 2-3 hours and I would increase the scent rating to 3 or 3.5. I still give it a 4.5 for burning. Even though we had to trim the wick after 2-3 hours, it burned easily but never liquefied across the top. Overall, the Lafco Bathroom Marine candle is a very easy burning candle and incredibly beautiful! This is the first time we've ever tried a Lafco candle and we're very impressed! We highly recommend the Lafco House & Home candles.

Friday, July 2, 2010

THe Main Event Episode 77 Antica & Anthousa Summer Diffusers

Anthousa and Antica Farmacista launched new summer scents this year and they are both amazing! The Anthousa Sweet Basil & Heirloom Tomato scent is so fresh and unique. We have many customers requesting tomato scents in the summertime, and there are great candle options, such as the Votivo Fresh Tomato Leaf candle, Tocca Sofia candle and Voluspa Chef's Special candle. This is the first tomato diffuser we've had and I could be happier! While I like the smell of tomato plants in the garden, personally, I wouldn't look for that scent in a candle, though it's lovely. This diffuser, however, is fantastic! The addition of the sweet basil makes the scent so clean, fresh and lively. It adds a whole new dimension to the tomato scent. Instead of leaning towards a grounding, earthy fragrance it goes the other way towards a very lively, invigorating scent. It reminds me of when Tocca mixed Rosemary and Pine in their Vittorio candle to turn a calming, woody scent into something so bright and uplifting. I love the new Anthousa Sweet Basil & Heirloom Tomato diffuser and highly recommend trying it.

We recently brought the Antica Farmacista Lemon, Verbena & Cedar diffuser home to try it. We put it on our kitchen windowsill and went away for a week. (We like to scatter diffusers around our house before we go away on vacation so we return to a beautifully scented, welcoming home rather than stuffy, pet-odor air.) Having forgotten about the diffuser, every time we'd stand at the kitchen sink we were taken but the most beautiful scent but we didn't know where it was coming from. I thought maybe a sample of perfume/cologne in the drawer broke open and I kept sniffing inside the drawers to find the culprit to no avail. Finally I looked up and remembered the diffuser we brought home. Sure enough - that was where the amazing scent was coming from! Every time we stand at the sink we enjoy the scent and it makes regularly dish duty so much more enjoyable. This is a another example of where adding a simple ingredient can completely change the dimension of a scent. The earthy cedar, mixed with clean lemon, adds a whole new dimension and complexity to the scent to create something almost towards cologne. We love the Antica Lemon Verbena Cedar diffuser and highly recommend it.

If you have a diffuser at home and need more fragrance from it, simply flip the reeds to freshen the scent. You can flip a few reeds every few days or all the reeds every day depending on the size of your space and how intense you like your fragrances.

Both the Anthousa Sweet Basil & Heirloom Tomato diffuser and the Antica Farmacista Lemon, Verbena and Cedar diffuser make a great hostess gifts.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Main Event Episode 76 Thymes Agave Nectar Collection

We absolutely adore the new Thymes Agave Nectar Collection! Refreshing agave nectar is blended with ruby red grapefruit, tangy guava and succulent lemon blossom. The result is the juiciest grapefruit citrus scent to uplift and delight you.

The candle is the most spot-on red grapefruit we offer. If you are looking for a pure grapefruit scent, not overly floral or sweet, this is it. The candle burns cleanly for 60 hours.

Grapefruit is such a light and rejuvenating scent, that you can layer it, starting with the bar soap, moisturizing with body lotion and then spritz with the Agave Nectar cologne. The body mist is so light you can refresh throughout the day. If you live in a hot climate, try storing your Thymes Agave Nectar Cologne in the fridge for an invigorating burst of fragrance. Studies show that women that smell like grapefruit are perceived as being five years younger by men, so indulge!

Grapefruit is a great scent for the kitchen, bathroom and office. The hand wash and lotion sit beautifully in the sink set for the kitchen. The room mist works well to freshen any bathroom. Burn the Thymes Agave Nectar candle in your office to keep you energized.

Well priced and beautifully packaged, the Thymes Agave Nectar products make great hostess gifts!