Best Selling Voluspa Candles

When a brand like Voluspa has so many fragrances to choose from, sometimes it's hard to pick one.  If you're not sure what to get sometimes you can get inspiration for a new fragrance by finding out what other people enjoy.  Here are our Top 5 Voluspa Best Sellers:

Voluspa Vervaine Olive Leaf
French lemon vervaine and crushed olive leaves with a heart of rosewood.
 Vervaine Olive Leaf by Voluspa is clean and pure - reminiscent of hand soap you would find in the restroom at a fine luxury hotel. This best selling Voluspa fragrance is great for gift-giving with it's neutral appeal and fresh essence. Voluspa Vervaine Olive Leaf is available in a 12oz jar candle, 15oz ceramic candle, votive candle, 2-wick tin candle, diffuser and room spray. Voluspa room sprays are made with cosmetic grade ingredients so they can also be used as a body spray.

Voluspa Baltic Amber
Amber resin, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla bloom.
Baltic Amber has been a top Voluspa seller for many years for good reason - it's the best amber on the market. Period. It's warm and sensual with a hint of sweetness from the vanilla. This Voluspa fragrance is perfect for cool nights when you want something snuggly or anytime you seek comfort.   Voluspa Baltic Amber is available in a 3-wick tin candle, jar candle, scalloped candle, travel tin candle, petite diffuser and room spray.

Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange
Ruby tarocco orange peel and tart goji berry.
While Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry (also uber popular) is a jammy and sweet-fruity fragrance, Voluspa Goji Taracco Orange is a tart-fruity fragrance with pungent goji berries. This Volupsa scent is crazy fragrant and extremely vibrant. If Vervaine Olive Leaf is Eva Cassidy and Baltic Amber is Michael Buble, Goji Tarocco Orange is Lady Gaga. Front and center and impossible to not notice. Beautiful in a very bold way. Voluspa Goji Tarocco Orange is available in a 3-wick tin candle, jar candle, scalloped candle, travel tin candle, petite diffuser and room spray.

Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach
Solid black ebony wood combined with ripe peaches and apple blossom.
Makassar Ebony & Peach is like Batman - dark, super sexy and slightly mysterious. This fragrance marries polar opposites -  feminine, fruity peach notes with deep, manly woody tones - in a very sleek way. If you like peach, you'll love it. If you hate peach, step aside so everyone else can get in line to get it. This fragrance is very unisex (guys dig it big-time). Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach is available in a petite maison (votive) candle, corta maison candle, 3-wick tin candle and diffuser.

Voluspa Branche Vermeil
An icicle crusted branch of winter spruce snapped with hints of citron, balsam and sugar.
Branch Vermeil is something old, something new, something borrowed yet something silver. If you liked the Voluspa Frost Pinecone fragrance from the old Seasons Collection, you'll love the new Volupsa Branche Vermeil scent. It's fresh, like crisp mountain air, yet warming at the same time as hints of sugar soften and mellow the scent. I absolutely adore this new fragrance and find it fighting for air time with my beloved Voluspa French Bourbon Vanille so often that I usually end up layering the two together for a lovely combination. If you haven't tried this one yet I highly recommend it!
Voluspa Branche Vermeil is available in a petite maison (votive) candle, corta maison candle, 3-wick tin candle and diffuser.  

Voluspa fragrances that aren't on this list but should be are Santiago Huckleberry and French Bourbon Vanille.

What are your favorite Voluspa candles?


  1. I love the Voluspa Apricot & Aprilia

  2. I am not that familiar with Voluspa candles but the French Bourbon Vanille sounds intriguing to me because I love sweeter fragrances

  3. I was nervous when I didn't see French Bourbon Vanille listed in the top 5, but relieved that it got an honorable mention. It is a wonderful scent for any occaision.

  4. I have several Voluspa faves but I am really loving Santiago Huckleberry right now. I ordered the spray for my birthday present to myself & I can't wait for it to get here!

  5. This is very helpful for newbies wanting to try out one of Voluspa's many amazing fragrances! I am still shocked Macaron or Santiago Huckleberry weren't on the top sellers list though!! It's a shock!! Great video guys! :)

  6. I agree with Ryan about Macaron... my favorite fragrance though is Amber Lumiere!

  7. One of my Favorites is French Bourbon Vanille, but their scents are all amazing!


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